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The IntoxBox™ represents the latest in state-of-the-art, commercial breathalyzer technology.

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Investment Range: $2,000 Franchise Units: n/a
Franchise Fee: n/a Financing Available: Yes
Liquid Capital: $2,000 Training & Support: Yes


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Setting the 'Bar' in BAC Testing Kiosks    

With its 19-inch touch screen monitor, advanced remote monitoring system, captivating user experience, high definition ad cycle, and precision-engineered BAC sensor module, the IntoxBox represents a quantum leap in bar breathalyzer technology. It makes every other model obsolete.

Now we’re looking for partners to distribute the IntoxBox to the premier bars in your area.

In other words, this is a market that is ready to explode!

So what’s holding it back?

Lack of a suitable product with the right technology, the right design, the right user experience, and a reliable BAC sensor module.

What else makes the IntoxBox better?

The IntoxBox was designed to appeal to all four of our target markets—bar owners, bar patrons, advertisers, and of course distributors.

IntoxBox Machine

Bar Owners Accept It
Bar owners expect the equipment in their establishments to meet a certain standard. They field calls every day from distributors trying to place new products. If you don’t have a product that meets their standards, you’ll be fighting a very tough uphill battle.

The look of a machine alone can make or break its appeal. With its contemporary design, brilliant monitor and dynamic graphics, the IntoxBox is far more appealing than the gaudy breathalyzer boxes of the past. The IntoxBox actually looks like it belongs in an upscale establishment.

Not only will bar owners like the look of the IntoxBox, they’ll also appreciate the fact that their customers will have a reliable way to test their BAC before they leave the bar.

And they’ll appreciate the great measures the manufacturer has taken to address any liability concerns the bar owners may have. Although a bar breathalyzer on the premises may, in and of itself, improve a bar’s insurance rating, IntoxBox has gone even further to assure improved liability. Every person who uses the IntoxBox must agree to an on-screen waiver before taking the test—a feature that only the IntoxBox can offer because of its interactive programming. No BAC scores are saved or printed and all IntoxBox units are insured by Walden Innovative Resources for liability coverage.

Customers want to use it
One thing you’ll find with the IntoxBox is that customers love the entertaining, interactive experience. And frankly, there's nothing wrong with that. What good is a breathalyzer if no one wants to use it? Users are guided through the testing process with a graphically appealing, intuitive interface that is entertaining and educational.

The IntoxBox is the only breathalyzer that invites users to guess their BAC before testing. If they guess correctly, their next test is free by way of activation code— which can be instantly texted to their cell phone!

Suddenly, your customers aren’t just simply paying for a BAC score—they are walking away having had an entertaining, educational experience. Adding the guessing aspect also takes away the need for users to play their own “games,” which may be counterproductive. The focus turns from “how high can I blow?” to “can I guess my BAC?”

The IntoxBox also solves one other glaring problem that has long plagued the bar breathalyzer industry—inconsistent and unreliable BAC test results. The IntoxBox is equipped with a state-of-the-art fuel cell sensor and a circuit board-controlled sampling system that is specially engineered to stand up to repeated use with no drop off in accuracy.  The IntoxBox clears out residual condensation after each test to assure that no faulty readings are given.

Powerful Advertising Medium
With its high definition graphics and 19-inch display, the IntoxBox doubles as an impressive advertising medium that goes where no other medium has gone before—the high traffic areas of America’s most popular bars and night clubs. It brings indoor advertising out of the restrooms and into the main area of each location where everyone can see it—and advertisers can choose the specific bars and demographic group they want to reach. The IntoxBox displays each ad to this coveted-but-elusive group of affluent men and women 12,000 times a month during prime business hours.

The IntoxBox also has the capability of running direct impression ads during the BAC testing process giving advertisers a powerful tool to make a direct, personal connection with their target audience.

Designed with the distributor in mind
Obviously, the greatest benefit of being an IntoxBox distributor is that you will be representing the most advanced bar breathalyzer in the world. If you’re going head to head against another bar breathalyzer, it’s like taking a bazooka to a knife fight. The IntoxBox is light years ahead of the competition in nearly every respect.

InToxBox Ad

Even if there’s already another breathalyzer in a bar you’re pitching, bar owners reserve the right to remove equipment from their establishments at any time. Don’t bet on the wrong horse. Once they see the IntoxBox, the old equipment will be moving out and the IntoxBox will be moving in.

But there are plenty of other reasons to choose the IntoxBox over the competition:

More ways to earn
You can make more money with the IntoxBox because there are more ways to bring in the revenue:

  • The IntoxBox accepts cash or credit cards, giving customers their choice of payment options.

  • You can install the IntoxBox in bars, place it at festivals, or lease it out for conventions, weddings, corporate gatherings and other special events.

  • You can earn additional revenue from ads that cycle through on the 19-inch monitor between uses. The IntoxBox marketing team will promote the sale of ads that would run on the nationwide IntoxBox network. We also handle the production and administration of the ads. In other words, as an IntoxBox distributor, you would receive revenue from the ads on your machine without any additional effort on your part.

Marketing and sales support
When you become a distributor for the IntoxBox, you’re not just buying a machine, you’re investing in a business opportunity complete with marketing, sales and technical support. As an IntoxBox distributor, you will benefit in several ways:

  • Marketing materials. The IntoxBox marketing team will provide you with outstanding marketing materials designed to assist you in promoting the IntoxBox to bar owners. We can also provide you with on-premises signage designed to drive usage of the IntoxBox in each bar.

  • Media coverage. We will also help you with press releases and other materials designed to attract media coverage for the IntoxBox locations in your territory.

  • Technical assistance. Your machine will come with a user manual that will give you all the information you need to own and operate the IntoxBox, and our staff will be happy to answer any other questions that may arise. We'll also teach you how to use the remote monitoring software and help you set up your credit card processing account.
  • Advertising sales and production. As part of a national network of IntoxBoxes, you can benefit from ad sales in your market—without doing any of the sales yourself.
  • Programming updates. At IntoxBox, we are constantly working to enhance the user experience and upgrade our graphics. Fortunately for you, all of this is done on our dime. Once you've paid for your machine, all programming updates are FREE!!!

  • Driving business. We will be developing affiliated websites for our key territories to help promote the IntoxBox and drive business to your locations. We also encourage the use of social media marketing and have experts on staff to work with you to put on promotions in your area. We can also help you plan special IntoxBox events at your locations to increase awareness and traffic for your units.

  • Your input matters. The IntoxBox is made in America so your input will be important to us in refining and improving the design, the technology, the marketing and the user experience of the IntoxBox. In fact, we will be counting on you, as part of our nationwide network of IntoxBox distributors, to share your input and contribute your ideas to the overall success of the IntoxBox business model. We are committed to excellence and to continuing to provide you with the most advanced bar breathalyzer in the world.

Who is the ideal distributor?
Experience in the bar or vending business is certainly a plus, but enthusiasm and an entrepreneurial spirit is all you really need to take over your local bar scene with the IntoxBox. We’ll provide you with all the tools you need to succeed— no previous experience with breathalyzers or kiosks necessary.

Like any new business, location—where you place the machines—is very important. The busier the bar, the better the income from the IntoxBox.

Right now, the field is wide open, but the best bars and the best territories won’t last forever. Forgive the cliché, but this truly is a once-in-a-lifetime, ground floor opportunity. It’s here today, gone tomorrow. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Contact IntoxBox today and claim your territory!

Saving lives, working part time, earning full time, in any economy. It doesn’t get any better than that!

IntoxBox BAC


Investment & Financial Info

Financial Information
Name Value
Liquid Capital: $2,000
Franchise Fee: n/a
Franchise Units: n/a
Financing Available: Yes
Training & Support: Yes

All financial information is provided by the franchise, business opportunity, business for sale or other advertiser, and that information is relied entirely on for the truthfulness and accuracy of the information provided.

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