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Baby Power Forever-Kids Expands Services

Birthday parties are more fun than ever now that kids can ???Stuff their own Puppies??? at Baby Power Forever-Kids franchises around the country.
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Updated: Aug 29, 2011
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Baby Power Forever-Kids Expands Services

Annandale, NJ – Birthday parties are more fun than ever now that kids can ‘Stuff their own Puppies’ at Baby Power Forever-Kids franchises around the country. New programs for Mommies such as ‘Mommy Power’ help her get back in shape while bonding with her newborn and Drop Off programs give Moms valuable free time. These are just three of the expanded classes offered to both parents and kids - making the experience at Baby Power Forever Kids a fuzzy-wuzzy day for everyone!

Baby Power Forever-Kids offers fast-paced blend of music, gym, crafts and games, and is the new model for children’s play programs offered nationally as a franchise. Instead of focusing on any one aspect of a child’s development, the curriculum taps into a child’s cognitive, creative and physical coordination skill sets.

Founder Linda Searles says, “We offer very different classes at our Baby Power Forever-Kids Centers around the country that truly stimulate the creativity within each child,” she added.

The program’s activities are designed for children 6 months to 7 years and build confidence and promote child development, parent/child communication and bonding. Each forty-five to seventy-five minute class keeps kids, along with their parents, engaged in learning by constantly introducing fun activities within a familiar and comfortable routine.

The new and unique programs offered at all Centers include:

Stuff A Puppy – becomes a child’s favor at birthday parties as they can stuff

and name their 8” new pet friend;

Sign Language – weekly classes are offered to children from 4-7 in the

American Sign Language (ASL);

Mommy Power – classes’ help Mommies get back in shape using their

newborns as weights in slow-burning exercises;

Mother’s Morning Out – a morning drop-off program giving parents free-time

while their child benefits by playing in the gym, and

Parent’s Night Out – kids have fun and parents have some free weekend time

The Centers also provides a great venue to host a child birthday party. Each party includes music, gym activities, and a Stuff A Puppy craft. Parents supply the cake and other foods if necessary.

Baby Power Forever-Kids offers business opportunities around the country. For more information on franchise opportunities or to identify our Center’s locations, please call (800) 365-4847 or visit

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