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BalanceDiet??? Company Announces Acquisition of Results Weight Loss and 1-800-Weight-Loss

Multi-Million Dollar Expansion adds 16 New Locations, increased online services, and exclusive genetic
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Updated: Jan 22, 2012
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BalanceDiet PR

BalanceDiet™ Company Announces Acquisition of Results Weight Loss and 1-800-Weight-Loss
Multi-Million Dollar Expansion adds 16 New Locations, increased online services, and exclusive genetic test

TAMPA BAY, FL – 1/22/2012
–  Miami-based BalanceDiet™ Company has announced an acquisition of the assets and clients of the Results Weight Loss chain, as well as an acquisition of 1800-WEIGHT LOSS in Florida. The announcement immediately adds 16 new locations and thousands of clients to the fast growing international weight loss brand.

The announcement solidifies BalanceDiet™ as a major player in the 70 Billion dollar weight loss marketplace. The company, part of the award-winning elements family of lifestyle brands, holds exclusive genetic testing technology, patents on proprietary weight loss products and supplements, and exclusive online wellness tools and services.  With 22 open US locations, as well as 11 new franchised locations, the company expects to be operating 40 ground locations by year end. BalanceDiet™ also features a popular and fast-growing “BalanceDiet™
at-Home” division, selling weight loss products, coaching and services direct to consumer.

“BalanceDiet™ is truly an innovator in the marketplace,” says independent lifestyle branding expert Simon Peterson. “they are truly getting it right in the weight-loss space…. They have geared the programs to be about transformation, and have very easy price points, such as a $17 monthly membership of customizable wellness services.”

“Florida is one of the most popular weight-loss markets in the country, as well as an important international gateway. The region is home to many corporate employers, a steadily growing population base, as well as a great tourist hub to showcase branded products and services,' commented BalanceDiet™ brand Founder Christopher Palumbo  'These new additions of stores, staff, and products are significant for BalanceDiet™ for several reasons. It allows us to further develop our clustering-approach to growth, and will compliment already-developing locations, offering great networking and support for our franchisees in the region.”

Results Weight Loss was an established Florida weight loss service providor, with a staff physician, dietician, and 22 locations spanning the West Coast of Florida. The company was founded in 1980 in Naples, FL and had enjoyed steady growth within the Region. Many of the executive team members from Results Weight Loss have been offered positions at BalanceDIet Company, as the new company positions for rapid growth and store rollout.

Additional services, expansion and renovations are planned to the former Results Weight Loss Locations, as part of a grand-reopening campaign.  BalanceDiet™ will deliver its upscale, stylish wellness experience to a whole new audience, as well as grow its seasoned operations team. Expansion in the region includes additional signature club locations in Tampa, Naples and Miami to be developed this year.

BalanceDiet™ offers a fully turn-key solution to both franchisees and Area Developers. A Florida-based development team handles all aspects of store development, from site selection to advanced lease negotiation, deal structuring and construction services. ??????BalanceDiet™ has also announced new locations this year in New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles and Boston

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