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Better Al Fresco Furniture

Over 60 new season furniture items just in time for spring!
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Updated: Oct 5, 2010
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Better Al Fresco Furniture

Over 60 new season furniture items just in time for spring!
Barbeques Galore have just released this seasons outdoor furniture range which comprises of over 60
furniture items!

This season’s style is a reflection of the feedback from our customers who like to entertain outdoors in a
comfortable yet stylish no fuss manner. Mr Drew Buckman, Product Manager for Furniture and outdoor
heating says the trend of low seating is continuing with low lounge style seating and benches with colourful
scatter cushions still being very much sought after.

“This trend is inspired from taking the lounge room outside and is being accompanied with outdoor plasma
televisions, barbeques and outdoor premium fireplaces.”

Daybed styles have become more popular and more fluid in design, like the “Diamond Day Bed” or more laid
back like the “Morocco 5 piece Chat Set”. Not to mention it is all portable so you have the option of
changing the furniture position with the direction of the sun.

Traditional dining settings now come with matching bar settings for poolside drinks and adjustable chair back
rests, inspired by designs from Europe, have been included in more of the range this year.

Timber is still the choice for traditional consumers and we have again offered a large range from mix and
match casual dining options to bar settings, lounge settings and benches.

Mr Buckman says, “We have created a fantastic range that comprises of everything from casual balcony
settings such as the Vase 3 piece balcony setting to large more formal dining settings, bar settings, outdoor
lounges, daybeds and recliners. As well as covering a variety of materials from brushed aluminum, timber,
wicker in a range of great colours and new innovative and maintenance free polywood”.

For more information about how Barbeques Galore new season furniture range, visit

For more information about Barbeques Galore freecall 1300 227 237.

If you would like more information on our 2010/11 furniture range or to speak with a representative call 02 9735 4108
or email

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