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BGR The Burger Joint

The Eastside comes to the bestside.
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Updated: Jan 1, 2012
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BGR The Burger Joint

The Eastside comes to the bestside


Proving you can't keep the West Coast down forever (unless you blitz heavily and attack receivers at the line of scrimmage), the masters of burger gluttony behind BGR have opted to bless SD with their first location on said coast, in the form of a rock 'n roll-themed, brightly colored joint in which they'll be slinging aged, hormone-free/ grain-fed beef sandwiched between daily delivered rolls, which should take less than three to five days to arrive at your midsection.

Stuff your face with:

Burger-y Burgers:
Tweaked beefy bliss includes creative numbers like the Wellington (with roasted 'shrooms, caramelized onions, garlic, black truffles, mustard seed & blue cheese) and the Southwestern, loaded with 10oz of spiced-up beef (chipotles/ poblanos/ onions), pepper jack, black bean relish, and mojo sauce, which Austin Powers would probably say something hilarious about.

Burgers of the Sea:
In case your New Year's resolution was to 'stop eating things that make me happy about life like burgers made from meat', they've got your no-doubt-much-punier back with the Ahi, topped with grilled pineapple and pickled ginger, and the Lobster, served in slider form with lettuce, a “special dressing”, and lump claw/ knuckle meat.

The 9 Pounder:
Recommended for 10-15 normal folks (or one '08 Kirstie Alley), this 15.4lb, served-with-a-bottle-of-Maalox beast comes piled high with two heads of lettuce, eight sliced tomatoes, three red onions, four pickles, and “a river” of their mojo sauce, which'll have West Coast women thinking your attempts at making a pass are a serious offense.

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