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Decor&You Decorators Become National Advocates

Consumers can now turn to Decor&You Decorators as trusted advisors and educators on the options and value of keeping their buying power in-country and using eco-conscientious vendors.
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Updated: Mar 24, 2011
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Decor&You Decorators Become National Advocates

March 24, 2011 - Southbury, CT – As a seasoned decorating industry executive, Karen Powell, CEO of Decor&You, has been witness to many changes in the industry over the years. Powell is now calling on her team of 100 franchise decorators around the country to be advocates for change in the industry, focusing on bringing safer, higher-quality and greener decorating options to American homes. Consumers can now turn to Decor&You Decorators as trusted advisors and educators on the options and value of keeping their buying power in-country and using eco-conscientious vendors.

“Information and education is key to social change,” says Karen Powell. “Imagine the impact that an army of decorators promoting social change will have on the American consumer who wants a beautiful and environmentally safe home.

At the corporate level, Decor&You is a member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council, and is growing their list of suppliers who manufacture furniture in the U.S. and who are environmental stewards embracing sustainable design concepts. At the consumer level, Decor Designers are trained and in position to educate the clients on the options and benefits of in-country manufacturing and of creating an environmentally safe home.

According to the 2010 Green Home Furnishings Consumer study sponsored by The Sustainable Furnishing Council and the World Market Center, the main obstacle in consumers purchasing green options in furnishings continues to be lack of awareness and availability.

“The environmentally and socially conscientious consumer wants greener options and does not know how to go about finding them,” says Karen Powell. “We rate our vendors on their level of green including the percentage made in America products. Made in America is part of being sustainable, which means lower CO2 emissions, responsible forestry practices, cleaner indoor air quality and less waste.

Decor&You Designers will help Americans navigate through the options and educate them about quality, construction, and the safety of products. Curbside quality, a reference to inexpensive furniture and decorating products built off-shore, can oftentimes be less expensive, but do not measure us to the quality and safety American-made products offer.

“We know Americans want comfort, style and value when furnishing their homes,” said Karen Powell. “But helping buyers understand that keeping it in America represents more jobs for Americans and a higher standard of safety in products e bring into our homes. Higher quality products do not necessarily translate to higher costs,” she added.

There are a number of reasons why it is more important than ever to consider where the home furnishing products are made. Along with providing consumers with American made, safer products, Decor Designers will also help homeowners understand the impact of their buying power including:

1) Contributing to rebuilding the local and national economy at the job level;

2) Creating a demand for products that meet U.S. manufacturing safety guidelines;

3) Helping to manage the world’s natural resources.

Decor&You furnishes and refines America’s residential and commercial interiors, and is the second largest decorating franchise. Decor&You was named by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the top home-based franchises for 2009 and has been honored by The World Franchising Network has as one of the ‘Top 100 Franchises’ in the services sector.

About Decor&You

Established in 1998, Decor&You, Inc. furnishes and refines America’s residential and commercial interiors via a nationwide network of professional interior decorators, and makes it easy for people to achieve comfort, style, and enhanced value in their homes and businesses

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