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HomeStory Franchise Revolutionizes Door Replacement Business

Innovative technology opens the door to home improvement industry for entrepreneurs
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Updated: Feb 7, 2012
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HomeStory Franchise Revolutionizes Door Replacement Business

Innovative technology opens the door to home improvement industry for entrepreneurs

 Sacramento, CA – The easiest and most affordable solution to significantly improving a home’s value literally stares U.S. homeowners in the face every day – door replacement. HomeStory, a new franchise concept backed by industry veterans, has keyed in on an untapped niche by providing entrepreneurs with industry-changing technology that allows new doors to be replaced within minutes and homes to be transformed in a few hours.

HomeStory’s proprietary technology generates custom replacement doors by taking precise digital measurements and capturing the geometry of the existing doorframe. It eliminates the need for time-consuming manual techniques, turning what is traditionally a three day job into three hours.

“This is really the perfect model: An untapped market, a technology that makes home remodeling easy and affordable for both the homeowner and business-owner, and a supply-chain delivering complete, finished products that are ready to be installed with no inventory or manual production needed,” said Dave Winter, president of HomeStory. “Best of all is the customer response to finally having a stress-free solution to replacing old doors and seeing their home transformed with beautiful new doors and hardware in just a few hours.”

With approximately 26 million homeowners investing in home improvements and the potential to replace America’s 1.2 billion doors, HomeStory is well-positioned to lock in a significant share of the $300 billion home improvement industry. While most home improvement projects call for permits, home equity loans and other costly, time consuming requirements, HomeStory’s technology makes door replacement simple, affordable and fast.

“Our software enables easy installation of a custom-fit new door, often in less than 10 minutes, so that our franchise owners don’t have to be contractors or skilled carpenters to run a thriving home improvement business specializing in door replacement,” Winter added. “All door inventory, cutting and painting is handled by strategic suppliers, freeing franchise owners to focus on sales, marketing and customer relations – the essential business skills that contribute to a successful HomeStory franchise.” 

HomeStory’s first official franchise opened in October 2011 in Orange County, CA, though the concept is based on a founder’s 14 year-old company that replaces over 6000 doors per year.  A second HomeStory franchise opened recently in Salt Lake City, as well as upcoming openings in Denver, CO; Lafayette, LA; Marin County, CA, Seattle, WA, and Sacramento, CA. The national franchisor is looking to expand to every metropolitan market across the United States, with 85-110 new locations over the next five years.


Sacramento-based HomeStory was founded in 2007 as the revolutionizing solution to traditional timely and costly door replacement methods that require skilled labor. Its innovative technology is designed to benefit both homeowners and franchisees as it allows doors to be installed in record time without mess or hassle. HomeStory is dedicated to helping homeowners tell the story of their homes by transforming their living spaces in the fastest, easiest and most affordable way possible –through door replacement. The HomeStory website along with a listing of products, locations and franchisee opportunities can be found at



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