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The Meat House ???Steaks??? Its Claim in Mooresville

Modern revival of the neighborhood butcher announces new opening in Mooresville, NC
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Updated: Jan 22, 2013
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MANCHESTER, N.H. The small town butcher shop, where your meat is cut to order and the butcher knows your name, may seem like a relic of an earlier time; however, the opening of The Meat House in Mooresville proves the tradition is alive and well in North Carolina.


With three stores already thriving in the state – including locations in Charlotte, Raleigh and Cary – The Meat House, more commonly known as the modern revival of the neighborhood butcher, will open its newest location at 491 Williamson Road in Mooresville on Thursday, January 17, 2013. 


“It’s an exciting time as we continue to see an increased demand for the service and quality that is expected from The Meat House,” said store owner Ginnie Meehan, who also owns The Meat House store in Charlotte. “We’re excited to finally open our doors in Mooresville, bringing our superior level of personalized service and satisfaction of by-gone days to the area.”


As The Meat House business model was designed to place emphasis on customer service and quality goods, Meehan believes the new butcher shop will be well received by Mooresville locals.


The business not only offers a wide selection of expertly butchered premium meats, poultry, fish, veal, lamb and pork, but also prepared proteins, fine cheeses, fresh produce, hearty breads, prepared side dishes, Boar's Head Brand deli products, desserts and pastries, and other gourmet and local grocery items.  At select locations, The Meat House also carries a wide selection of beer and more than 200 varieties of wines from around the world.


“While many people are on tight budgets these days, staying home and cooking gourmet meals has become the new ‘going out,’” Meehan added. “As it is for many of our customers in Charlotte, we hope the new Mooresville location will serve as a one-stop shop for both gourmet and everyday pantry needs.”


The Meat House currently has 31 store locations in 10 states – California, Connecticut, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma and Texas – with additional locations opening throughout 2013.


To inquire about franchise opportunities, visit


About The Meat House 

Founded in 2003 by lifelong friends Justin Rosberg and Jason Parent, The Meat House is the modern revival of the neighborhood butcher. With a focus on quality, consistency and superior customer service, The Meat House offers the satisfaction of by-gone days as the only national butcher shop franchise. The Meat House began its franchise opportunity in 2008, and has since grown to 31 locations across 10 states, with 150 additional stores under development and scheduled to open during the next 5-10 years. For more information, visit


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