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New Study Indicates Sandler's Sales Training Supersedes Training

Newly-Released 2011 Aberdeen Research Study Reveals Industry Comparisons
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Updated: Jun 2, 2011
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New Study Indicates Sandler Training's Instructor-Led Sales Training Supersedes Training

Posted by Barbara Branagan-Mitchell June 2, 2011

Newly-Released 2011 Aberdeen Research
Study Reveals Industry Comparisons

“The results of a newly-released, independent research study by the Aberdeen Group,” stated Ed Schultek, president and owner of Sandler Training in Southbury, CT, “prove that sales executives who receive instructor-led, in-person training excel beyond industry expectations.” The April 2011 release of an Aberdeen Group Research Study on sales executives’ performance nationwide revealed that Sandler Training exceeded the training industry average of 68% of respondents who excel from receiving training instruction led by an individual. “The study aptly proved,” explained Schultek, “that Sandler’s instructor-led training exceeds both training styles that analyze how sales representatives behave on a professional level, as well as training received from a third-party setting such as a seminar and workshop settings.”

Schultek continued, “We’re humbled yet proud that Sandler-trained employees, business owners and executives were proven by the Aberdeen Group Study to perform at significantly higher levels than those trained by other training companies nationwide. The study clearly stated that companies ranked as ‘Best-In-Class’ value training that is instructor-led, assesses an individual’s current professional behavior and methodologies, and is customized to the needs of individuals in the training program. Sandler Training provides all of these qualities, and more.”

The Aberdeen Group, a Harte-Hanks Company, conducted the independent study of sales training programs offered across the United States throughout 2010. The goal was to determine which training program provides the best proven results. The study examined what the researchers identified as what “Best-in-Class” companies were doing with their training investment dollars. Schultek explained, “Researchers looked at what it is that top-ranking 20% ‘Best-in-Class’ companies do differently from other companies. They examined pitfalls those companies avoid, why their achievements are greater than those of other companies, and what technologies and services they are utilizing that enable them to exceed industry expectations.”

A total of 830 respondents were surveyed and scored individually for the Aberdeen Study. The criteria for the survey included: Sales representatives who are achieving their company’s quota, the average size of their sales deals, and their related company’s corporate revenue. “Despite the Recession of 2008, 2009,” stated Schultek, “on average, companies increased their investments into sales training budgets significantly during 2010. That is a clear indicator of how company executives are recognizing the critical impact sales training has on their employees and management executives.”

Sandler Training is a world leader in innovative sales, sales management and leadership training. For more than 40 years, Sandler has taught its distinctive, non-traditional selling system and utilized its highly effective training methodology, which has helped employees, managers and executives take charge of the process. “Our non-traditional methods of training,” stated Schultek, “are designed to create lasting and significant performance improvement rather than the motivational quick fix solutions that are typical of many seminar-based training programs. Sandler provides personalized reinforcement training which is a system that combines quality materials, ongoing training workshops and individual coaching sessions to help individuals achieve their goals.”

Awarded the #1 ranking for training programs in Entrepreneur Magazine’s “Franchise 500” for the last 10 consecutive years, the most recent being for the year 2010, Sandler Training’s programs help employees and managers at all levels become more effective communicators, better mentors and coaches, and competent leaders of change. Through their nationwide training centers, Sandler Training provides ongoing face-to-face support and reinforcement of the world’s most successful selling system.

“The Aberdeen Study,” continued Schultek, “has proven that when company employees are trained as a team by Sandler Training, their teams excelled over employees trained by other training organizations in attaining quotas.”

Structured, formal sales and leadership training that Sandler Training offers far exceeded informal onthe-job training where no structured training is involved, according to the Aberdeen Study. “Our training,” Schultek explained, “is based on a proven methodology. This break-through Study has shown that Sandler’s non-traditional methods, processes, and sales training practices yield the highest amounts of met quotas, customer loyalty, and overall generation of revenues.”

To learn more about Sandler Training’s Team in Southbury, CT, Donna Bak, Susan Powers, Bret Dunbar and Cindy Mickune who are serving companies throughout Connecticut, visit ( or phone their Southbury office at 203-264-1197.

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