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Physicians Weight Loss Centers Testimonial

Since opening our first franchise, we???ve been on the fast track to success
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Updated: Jan 4, 2012
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Since opening our first franchise, we’ve been on the fast track to success. In just 18 months we have reached number four in overall rank among all PWLC franchisees.  We’re impressed by the integrity of PWLC’s weight loss programs which not only show clients how to eat healthy, but also how to overcome common obstacles to losing weight and keeping it off for good. PWLC also offers a variety of products to support weight loss including protein supplements, meal replacements, snacks, vitamins and minerals, thermogenic appetite suppressants and vitamin B-12 injections. And because clients are medically monitored, they’re very aware of the health benefits experienced through weight loss including lower blood cholesterol levels and blood pressure, improved range of motion and less joint stress, all of which aid the prevention of future health issues.   

In our experience, PWLC has proven to be a franchise that can be established with reasonable initial costs and produce a steady return on investment. We were so pleased with our initial location that we committed to a master franchise development agreement to further expand the brand in our area. We’ve already helped one franchisee open the second Lincoln location and another franchisee open one of four locations in Omaha. The Master territory has already paid for itself in the first year and continues to pay royalties every month.  The most rewarding aspect of becoming Master franchisees is working with other business owners who share a common goal of growing their own PWLC and helping people live healthier, happier lives.


Brian & Karen Shanks
Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers
Franchisees & Master Developers
Lincoln, Nebraska


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