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School Answers Academic Success Center Rings the Bell on a New Era in Educational Support Services

First Campus Opens in Colts Neck, N.J.; Provides Parents One Destination for Student Diagnostic Testing, Instruction and Related Services in Warm, Welcome Environment
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Updated: Sep 5, 2013
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School Answers Academic Success Center Rings the Bell on a New Era in Educational Support Services


First Campus Opens in Colts Neck, N.J.; Provides Parents One Destination for Student Diagnostic Testing, Instruction and Related Services in Warm, Welcome Environment 

COLTS NECK, N.J. – One Central New Jersey woman’s passion for education stands to benefit thousands now…and millions in the years to come.

Stacy Costa, an experienced school administrator who has worked extensively in public and private schools at the building, district and county administration levels, has launched School Answers Academic Success Center (School Answers) in Colts Neck. The opening of School Answers at 281 Route 34 in Colts Neck, N.J. signals the emergence of a new class of educational services available to local parents and students.

“This is why I wake up in the morning…it’s where my heart lies. Never before have families been able to find an educational support center that offers the number of high quality, certified services that School Answers provides under one roof,” said Costa, who has 17-plus years of school classroom and administration experience, most recently overseeing educational services provided to more than 200 public and private schools.

“There is no questioning the need for an educational center that gives parents and kids a single location for multiple services. I have seen and experienced first hand with my own child the struggles families can face.” 

Costa’s expertise and perspective gives School Answers a unique vantage point that she is sharing with on-site staff members and families throughout New Jersey. She has worked closely with the School Answers team and a group of advisors, designing the Colts Neck campus to provide a top-tier collection of affordable services that helps guide parents and students in several educational areas, including:

  • Diagnostic testing (IQ testing, age and grade placement)
  • Direct academic instruction (for students at all levels. remedial to advanced, and special education to honors students)
  • Related services (occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech and language therapy, counseling, and social skills training)

“We are bridging the gap between school districts and parents,” added Costa. “School Answers helps kids feel great about their schooling, while giving them a pathway to achieve new academic benchmarks. I couldn’t be prouder about making this a reality right here in Colts Neck for the entire region.”

The customized, research-based tutoring and instructional sessions at School Answers foster higher level thinking skills, while teaching organizational structure skills as well as study skills. All of the instructional programs are geared to the core content curriculum correlating directly with state testing standards.

Further, the School Answers specialty services, such as occupational therapy, physical therapy (in a well-appointed fitness center with commercial-grade equipment sized specifically for school-aged children) and diagnostic testing, simplify what can often be a long-term, stressful experience for families.

 “I can remember driving up and down New Jersey, and halfway across the country, to provide my son with the best services available. It was rough on the entire family. Our mission is to help families avoid that frustration,” said Costa. “There is a fundamental concept that is at core of School Answers.  We believe every child is innately smart. As parents we see that spark that glows in our own child. School Answers believes it’s our job, together with parents, to get them on the right path educationally; to be the best they can be for their future, to light that spark, to get them to succeed, to get them smarter. That’s why our tagline reads, ‘Where Smart Kids Get Smarter.’”

To enroll students in School Answers call 1-855-KID-ANSWERS or visit the Contact Us page at 

School Answers Announces Strategic Franchising Initiative to Spread Impact throughout New Jersey and Beyond

 The combination of a comprehensive collection of services for all children, kindergarten through 12th Grade, nurturing care, and a business model unlike any other in the educational services space, puts School Answers in a class of its own. Now, the company is leveraging its uniqueness to launch a strategic growth plan that furthers Team School Answers’ goal to share School Answers’ proven services with a national audience.

Announced today, the franchise expansion strategy calls for the development of new School Answers campuses nationwide, targeting communities where families put a premium on educational services that offers parents and students peace of mind. 

“We’ve poured our hearts, minds and resources into an educational services center that goes beyond what is currently available anywhere in the nation under one roof,” noted Costa. “The model is replicable and truly is a rare opportunity to become part of a franchise system that is in concert with the needs of American families.”

Initially, School Answers is focusing its franchise growth in New Jersey and surrounding Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern United States neighborhoods. Expansion is also anticipated for select markets throughout the rest of the country in the near future. School Answers has pre-approved several sites, which are currently available.

About School Answers Academic Success Center

School Answers is an all-inclusive, educational services franchise providing student diagnostic testing (IQ testing, age and grade placement), direct academic instruction for all learning levels, and related services (Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Counseling, and Social Skills Training). The first School Answers campus is in Colts Neck, New Jersey. For more information about School Answers, visit To learn about available franchise opportunities, click on the website’s Franchise Opportunities tab or call 1-855-KID-ANSWERS.

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