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TSS University: Ensuring the Success of our Franchisees

At the end of February, TSS held its first training of the year known as TSS University.
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Updated: Mar 1, 2014
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TSS University: Ensuring the Success of our Franchisees



Duluth, GA – At the end of February, TSS held its first training of the year known as TSS University.  TSS University is the third stage in a TSS Rookie’s training.  TSS offers 2 initial training sessions to include a 3 day in field sales and business development training and 2 days of photo ops training. TSS U is offered to help support TSS Photography Franchisees and impact their early success.  Offered on a regular basis throughout the year at their headquarters, TSS University is a four day sales/marketing and photography program.


TSS also offers a mentoring program and the mentor for this training session was veteran owner Tod Cohen of Charlottesville, VA.  Tod has been with TSS for over 9 years and offered valuable knowledge and experience to the attendees.  There were owners from Colorado, Maryland, Missouri and Pennsylvania in attendance so it was a great opportunity for owners to share best practices and idea’s about sales and marketing from their different areas of the country.


Also in attendance were five additional owners seeking training and certification on a new OE system that is exclusive to TSS and will be replacing an older system this summer.  TSS is continually developing new products, services and exceptional support to remain as the industry leader.



About TSS Photography, Inc.


TSS Photography’s headquarters is located in Duluth, Georgia. Their state-of-the-art facility includes a custom, in-house photography lab, which processes millions of images each year.  The company also provides unique fundraisers and a comprehensive trophy and awards product line. TSS Photography leads the industry with a variety of high-quality products and services that exceed their customers’ expectations.


TSS has photographed over 30 million people and has grown to hundreds of franchised locations in over 40 states.  They have built their reputation by providing memories that last a lifetime through exceptional customer service and superior products.

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