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World Renowned Falafel Eatery, Named by Zagat as #1 Best Buy

Amsterdam Falafelshop Once Again Ranked #1 in Washington, DC in Four Categories
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Updated: Dec 19, 2011
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                                 World Renowned Falafel Eatery, Named by Zagat as #1 Best Buy

Amsterdam Falafelshop Once Again Ranked #1 in Washington, DC in Four Categories


(WASHINGTON, DC) – A restaurant in Adams Morgan, with word-of-mouth so strong it brings people from as far away as New York and Richmond to eat their food, received top honors (again) from the prestigious Zagat Guide.


The just issued 2012 Zagat Guide again rated Amsterdam Falafelshop as #1 in four separate categories – #1 Best Buy: Bang For the Buck, # 1Best Middle Eastern, # 1 Best Buys: Sandwiches and Wraps, #1 Best Buy: Adams Morgan.  This is the fifth consecutive year that this trendy shop has received this endorsement in the Washington, DC edition.


A falafel is made from mashed chickpeas spiced with coriander, cumin, and other spices, formed into a ball and deep fried—much like a hush-puppy.  While most people do not know from tasting it, falafel is actually a vegan food. The Amsterdam Falafelshop includes dairy choices amongst the self-toppings to include vegetarian options. They also use only unprocessed ingredients containing no preservatives, food dyes or trans-fats.


The restaurant was first opened seven years ago by husband and wife team Scott and Arianne Bennett and has seen steady growth even during the down economy.  “People are still eating out in this economy; they’re just being more selective and cost conscious of where they go, and that works in our favor,” explained the restaurant President and CEO Arianne Bennett, where an Amsterdam Falafelshop customer can get a full meal for under $10.  While the menu prices may be modest, Zagat’s found the food quality to be anything but, giving the little shop a food rating of 26, which is higher than Morton’s Steakhouse and The Palm.


The recent launch of the restaurant’s franchise expansion coincides with increasing demand for Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dining choices.  If anyone doubts there is a growing demand, one need only look at hummus.  Sales for the Middle Eastern condiment made of pureed chickpeas mixed with lemon juice and sesame paste tahini have skyrocketed from $5 million in sales to $143 million in sales over a recent ten-year period. 


Since its launch of its franchise program last year two new franchise units are opening soon in Boston, MA and Austin, TX and more expected to be announced soon.


Right at the forefront of this national, economic wave is this hip, trendy eatery that eschews uniforms and embraces green cost-saving practices in the heart of Adams Morgan, the Amsterdam Falafelshop.


Amsterdam Falafelshop is a fast casual restaurant located at 2425 18th Street NW in Adams Morgan that serves falafel sandwiches with the customers’ choice of 21 different sauces and toppings, Dutch-style fries referred to as “frieten” and rich brownies. The shop with its edgy, international vibe was inspired by the falafel “street food” that is so popular throughout Amsterdam and other European cities.

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