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Paint Bull- Home of the largest affiliation of Independent Mobile Automotive Restoration Business Owners in the United States

Paint Bull

Paint Bull- Home of the largest affiliation of Independent Mobile Automotive Restoration Business Owners in the United States

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Business Costs

  • Cash Investment: $1,000
  • Investment Range: $10,000 - $49,995
  • Business Fees: $5,000

Business Benefits

  • Training & Support: Yes
  • Financing Available: Yes

Industry Information

  • Industry: Automotive Franchises
  • Business Units: 30000

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Paint Bull- Home of the largest affiliation of Independent Mobile Automotive Restoration Business Owners in the United States

Paint Bull has been in operation since 1989 helping individuals become self-employed in the automotive restoration industry fixing minor damage on vehicles such as stone chips, key scratches, door dings, scuffed bumpers and more, virtually any cosmetic damage found on a vehicle. Paint Bull Affiliates come from all walks of life- but they all have a few things in common: they like cars, they are not afraid of hard work and they want to be self-dependent! Paint Bull Affiliates are not unique in their desire to become not just self-employed but self-dependent. What makes them unique is their willingness to do what is necessary to become Independent Business Owners- with a Paint Bull helping hand. Paint Bull currently works with hundreds of Mobile Automotive Restoration Business Owners throughout the United States and Canada. Most make their living fixing minor damage on vehicles for Car Dealerships, Detail Shops and the General Public. Paint Bull provides the training, equipment, supplies, technical support, marketing assistance and product updates- all with no Franchise Fees or Royalties!


Are You Ready To Join The Paint Bull Team?
Become a Paint Bull Certified Affiliate Today!

The Paint Bull team consists of literally hundreds of Mobile Automotive Restoration Technicians throughout the country. These Independent Business owners are committed to providing only the highest quality of repairs with the best service at the most affordable pricing possible.

Car Dealerships, Detail Shops, and of course the General Public all call on Paint Bull Affiliates throughout the country to fix minor damage on their vehicles quickly and affordably without sacrificing quality.

It's Really All Just About Service!

Traditionally, people would have to take their vehicle to a body shop and wait for days to have even the most minor damage repaired. The cost was outrageous but the thought of being without a vehicle was unimaginable! The end result: People drive around with scuffed bumpers, door dings, scratches, stone chips...the damage you see every day and probably even have on your own vehicle.

Every Paint Bull Certified Affiliate is trained and supplied with the proper equipment and materials to perform body shop quality repairs. Our training department has years of experience in the industry and will make sure you are fully prepared to receive your Certified Affiliate Designation.

Not only will you carry the Paint Bull name and Logo, you will be tied in to benefits others independent vendors aren't such as: supply discounts, marketing assistance, customer referrals special technical updates, promotions and your very own CSA! 

 What's a CSA? All Paint Bull Certified Affiliates will be assigned a Customer Services Area (CSA). It's their home base, their assigned territory, which Paint Bull will help market in. All customers generated in your CSA will immediately be referred to you.

Paint Bull makes it easy to become a Certified Affiliate, with no franchise fees or royalties and quite often up to 18 months of no interest financing, taking your first step towards self employment may be easier than you think.

If you want to be a business owner and would like to know more about this opportunity and your local market potential, just complete the request for information form to the right.

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