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Candy Vending Franchises

In a 2016 survey, almost 75 percent of Americans claimed that they are healthy eaters. Yet a study conducted from 2003 to 2006 concluded that the proportion of Americans who actually live a ?healthy lifestyle? was under 3 percent. While that?s not a statistic we?re happy to report, from a business perspective the point is that there are plenty of franchise concepts geared toward healthy eating, yet there remains a very large consumer base that wants what it wants. Explore top candy machine businesses for sale in our listings, and learn more about this segment below.

Found 14 franchises

PHSI Pure Water Technology

Once you become a Pure Water Technology Dealer, we will provide you with a proven plan and numerous resources to ensure and your business success.
50k Min. Cash Required

Cookie Advantage

Cookie Advantage is a tasty way to say Thank You, Happy Birthday or Merry Christmas. You name the occasion and we'll send the cookies.
75k Min. Cash Required

Naturals 2 Go Vending

Naturals To Go is already in league with the best health food providers, lending you automatic credibility with health conscious consumers.
26k Min. Cash Required

Kilwin's Chocolates and Ice Cream

Welcome to Kilwins Chocolates Franchise, Inc., where people celebrate, vacation and share the experience of life, family and gift-giving in a very special nostalgic Americana setting.
125k Min. Cash Required

Back Massager, The Vending Massage Chair

Mention this ad and start your business for $1295 per chair. That's a savings of $300 per chair. Limited time only. Act NOW!
1k Min. Cash Required

Mini Melts Ice Cream

Mini Melts ice cream is cryogenically frozen ice cream made with only the best ingredients for superior taste. The taste of ice cream is determined by the quality of ingredients used. Mini Melts ice c ...
5k Min. Cash Required

Rocket Fizz Soda Pop and Candy Shops

The Rocket Fizz Soda Pop & Candy Shops is the largest and fastest growing soda pop & candy shop franchise in America. Owning your own Rocket Fizz franchise is easy & fun! No retail experience is neede ...
148k Min. Cash Required

Passive CBD Vending

Passive CBD Vending has identified a very powerful entry point in this emerging market that allows you to quickly leverage incredible income potential. Are You Looking For The Opportunity To Create St ...
50k Min. Cash Required

The Power Locker

Power Locker is a modern and dynamic approach to traditional vending and the more recent healthy vending trend.
30k Min. Cash Required

Fresh Healthy Vending

Fresh Healthy Vending is the pioneer and leader of the Healthy Vending Industry. We are looking to partner with like-minded, social entrepreneurs who want to capitalize on the growing market of healt ...
110k Min. Cash Required

Water Station Technology

Join the Market Leader in Technology Integration Into the Water Vending Industry
425k Min. Cash Required

Sure Step

Our Business is Very Simple, Very Lucrative!Floors and Bathtubs get very slippery and dangerous when they get wet...Our EXCLUSIVE Sure Step Non-Slip treatment makes these floors and bathtubs safe. As- ...
20k Min. Cash Required

AMBATH - Bathroom Remodeling

AMBATH is the largest commercial bathroom remodeling company with over 1 million bathrooms remodeled since 1979. AMBATH is the #1 choice and approved by every major hotel chain! Learn more about the c ...
39k Min. Cash Required

Frost Shades Window Films

Frost Shades is a low-cost and highly scaleable window film and tinting business that focuses on homes and commercial properties. We install solar, transitional, security, decorative, privacy, and ant ...
25k Min. Cash Required
Found 14 franchises

Additional Information

Technology has transformed the candy vending machine market in multiple ways. First, it?s possible to purchase items that just a few decades ago no one would every have dreamed of putting into a vending machine. Second, machines can now have rich, sophisticated user interfaces. If you doubt the value of this, note that restaurants consistently find that customers who order via a kiosk or similar interface have a significantly higher average ticket than those who order from a live cashier. Third, it?s now possible to pay with something other than cash or change, even for small purchases like a soft drink. The main downside to all this added capability is that it comes at a cost. The standard candy vending machine that would take your change or your dollar bills costs around $3,000. The newer, more capable machines can easily run three to five times that amount. The good news is that candy vending doesn?t require the highest-end machines, so don?t be scared by those numbers.

Why A Franchise?

You may wonder why you should participate in a vending franchise when you could just go out and start a candy machine business yourself. There are some definite advantages. First, an organization can negotiate machine placements that you as an individual can?t, meaning your machines can be in the highest-yielding locations. Second, most things are cheaper when you buy in volume, which means you can get better pricing on machines. Third, just as the machines are cheaper when you buy as part of a group, the wholesale pricing on the products you sell will likewise be lower. Candy machine franchises are one of the few opportunities that allows you to start small and scale. Get started on the path to business ownership today with the help of Franchise Clique!

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