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Perks of Being a Gymboree Franchisee!

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Updated: May 23, 2014
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For over 30 years, Gymboree Play & Music's carefully crafted programs have been helping both parents and children to grow young minds. The company has continually developed classes and program content to incorporate cutting edge learning and fitness activities. They strive to bring fun, creativity and friendship to both customers and franchisees alike.There are more than 700 Gymboree franchises in over 40 countries. As the creator and leader in interactive children's play, music, art and development programs, Gymboree Play & Music built a business system with an unequalled reputation. The company's unique approach has created a loyal customer base that continues to grow worldwide. Gymboree franchisees also have the advantage of being part of a rapidly growing Gymboree brand. Gymboree is quickly expanding in U.S. markets and opening new franchises all over the world. Some existing locations are also for sale.Want the details?Key markets are available in the US and internationally.Gymboree Play & Music CenterFranchise Fee: $45,000Royalty: 6% of gross receiptsEstimated total investment: $126,000-$270,950
Gymboree Metro Play CenterFranchise Fee: $25,000Royalty: 6% of gross receiptsEstimated total investment: $77,000- $178,350
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