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Join the Cannabis Store Amsterdam Brand

All our shops are offering a selection of 100% legal products.
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Updated: Oct 31, 2018
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Cannabis Store Amsterdam

  • Cannabis Store Amsterdam
Cannabis Store Amsterdam

Join the Cannabis Store Amsterdam Brand

All our shops are offering a selection of 100% legal products.

Cannabis Store Amsterdam is the first word wide trade mark shops specialised on cannabis foodstuff products.
Based on a unique and original concept, Cannabis Store Amsterdam is the sole net that allows you for two kind of investment or activity at the same time:

  • the coffee-bar where you can also serve the cannabis products
  • the take away shop for the sole sale of cannabis products.

The joint venture of this two and complementary kind of business is one of our principal trump
The research on quality is also one of our major cares. As a matter of fact all our shops are offering a range of 100% legal products and of the best quality.
All the Cannabis Store Amsterdam products are tested and certified previous than they reach the shelves of the stores.

Over 200 different products are waiting in our shops: from coffee to biscuits, from chips to drinks, till a large range of customised gadgets and clothes.
The trade mark Cannabis Store Amsterdam has enlarged the range of activity for 30 years already. Its improvement has been recognised and won several prices already, such as Brand of the year by the Millionaire Magazine.

The market is growing continuously: over a 100 shops in Italy in a year Share with us this ambition in your country cause we are convinced that our union is the major power of the market.

  • 2017 Born date of the net
  • 2017 franchising launch date
  • 128 Number of establishments and franchisees 

After the university studies and his post university formation in the marketing field, Mr Bianco, commercial responsible of Cannabis Store Amsterdam, managed to use the beneficial properties of the CBD (cannabidiol) extract from the Cannabis in a professional and innovating way in the field of food with 100% legal products.
The Cannabis Store Amsterdam trade mark born on a simple intuition: launch the cannabis products on the national and international market.
The Ideal site to run a CANNABIS STORE AMSTERDAM Shop
Cannabis Store Amsterdam  looks for sites in the center of the city in the most commercial and tourists area.
We will help you on the research and the selection of the perfect place for your store.

CANNABIS STORE AMSTERDAM is with you and trains you:
The one who decides to join us, our net offers a training plan staying close to you on the first part of the activity and an periodical update.
This coaching consist on a training on the sales techniques with our trainer during the first days of the shop opening.
The trainer will help you on the fitting out and the handling of the shop. The goal is to teach you with the concept and keywords of the field and to show you our range of products.
Requirements to join CANNABIS STORE AMSTERDAM net:
There are not any specific requirements needed to join our net.
You just need to be:

  • Passioned by the field
  • Enthousiastic
  • Pushing
  • Looking for a professional success
  • Looking for quality
  • Love for contact with the clients

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