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TruBlue Total House Care Introduces House Care and Subscription Bundles

Recurring revenues from monthly service plans accelerate business growth
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Updated: Jan 2, 2018
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Recurring revenues from monthly service plans accelerate business growth

TruBlue Total House Care Franchise is launching a new subscription option to increase franchise residual income and provide lower-cost services to clients while delivering them a safer, cleaner and more accessible home. House Care + offers homeowners the option to receive monthly services that cover many routine tasks, such as swapping air filters or checking batteries in smoke detectors.

House Care + brings together the most commonly requested services in convenient, affordable and easy-to-understand bundles. This new subscription-based home maintenance program is a game-changer for homeowners and franchisees alike, as Franchise Development Director David Sparks explains.

“There are so many routine maintenance needs that start to fall through the cracks as homeowners grow older,” David says. “For example, when a light burns out, changing the bulb can mean climbing a ladder. No one wants to call someone just to change a bulb. So instead, seniors leave it off. This can create an unsafe environment and reduce the likelihood that the seniors can age in place. With House Care +, we’re transforming routine tasks into a monthly service they can depend on — and growing repeat revenues at the same time.”

TruBlue home management franchise is revolutionizing the $380 billion senior care industry by specializing in the home care services that seniors and their loved ones depend on to allow them to age in place with the quality of life they deserve. For years, TruBlue franchisees have provided their customers with a one-stop shop for all home care needs, including handyman services, cleaning services, lawn care, seasonal work (including snow removal) and specialty jobs such as making homes accessible to seniors with mobility issues. Now with House Care +, homeowners and their families know people they can trust will be there to take on routine tasks without having to be asked to do them.

Home Care + offers three levels of house maintenance subscriptions, ranging in price from $199 to $329 a month — less than many yard services charge for monthly lawn care and far less than assisted living facilities and nursing homes. Basic, Intermediate and Premium levels provide a stair-step of services inside and outside the home.

These tasks include safety-oriented tasks like replacing non-working light bulbs, swapping the filters on air conditioning units and ensuring fire extinguishers are charged and ready. Also, TruBlue technicians inspect sump pumps, lubricate door hinges and clean faucet aerators to improve water flow.

For homes with yards, House Care + Intermediate adds mowing the lawn as needed. At the Premium level, three hours of maid services are included. The result is a recurring stream of revenue that the franchise owner can depend on, making it easier to grow and staff their TruBlue Total House Care territory.

“It’s a win-win-win for homeowners, their families and franchise owners,” David says. “Seniors get the services they need to age in place, their families know their parents are in a safer environment, and franchisees can anticipate staffing needs and revenues for months, even years.”

Moreover, House Care + provides franchise owners a regular opportunity to upsell clients on specialty tasks, such as gutter repair, patching drywall or cleaning fireplaces. TruBlue Total House Care franchise owners offer more than two dozen additional services, each of which is a vital home maintenance task that often gets overlooked.

The result is a powerful business model in a high-demand industry serving the fastest-growing segment of the population.

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