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Doc Popcorn Secures Position as World???s Largest Popcorn Retailer with Opening of 70th Location

Doc Popcorn Secures Position as World???s Largest Popcorn Retailerwith Opening of 70th Location
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Updated: Oct 9, 2012
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Doc Popcorn Secures Position as World’s Largest Popcorn Retailer

with Opening of 70th Location


BOULDER, Colo. – Underscoring its position as a leader in the multi-billion dollar snack industry, Doc Popcorn announced the opening of its 70th location. This opening marks a major milestone for Doc Popcorn as it secures its status as the largest popcorn retailer in the world. A local franchise group opened the kiosk at The Galleria at White Plains Mall in White Plains, N.Y. and has expansion plans to open nine additional units throughout the East Coast.


As most retailers were feeling the strain of the recession, Doc Popcorn experienced record-setting growth. The burgeoning brand signed more than 80 franchise agreements in 30 states and Washington D.C. to date, which, when fully developed, represent a total of more than 300 locations. From 2009 to 2012 (forecasted), the company’s cumulative growth will be an astounding 5,341%. Opening an average of one new location every week, Doc Popcorn has been one of the fastest-growing snack brands in recent years.


“Our growth is more than a hot streak…it has become a solid trend,” said Rob Israel, CEO and co-founder of Doc Popcorn with his wife Renée. “We’ve had several back-to-back banner years which show that both consumers and franchisees are caring more and more about the quality of product they eat and represent.”


Since launching its franchise program in 2009, Doc Popcorn has distinguished itself within the multi-billion dollar snack category as the only fresh-popped, all-natural flavored popcorn franchise and brand. It pops its whole-grain non-GMO kernels in 100% corn oil and offers a wide variety of distinctive flavors such as 'sinfully cinnamon' and 'hoppin' jalapeno' made from blends of natural ingredients. Plus, Doc Popcorn’s ability to operate in a variety of high-traffic venues through its unique PopShop™, PopKiosk™ and Mobile PopCart™ models  presents franchisees with flexibility and scalability.


About Doc Popcorn

Doc Popcorn ignited a revolution in 2003 to offer the planet delicious healthier snacking in high traffic venues. Today, as the first and only fresh-popped, all-natural flavored popcorn franchise, Doc Popcorn’s proven business model empowers franchise owners to produce this better-for-you snack in a variety of flavors, simply and affordably. Doc Popcorn PopShop™, PopKiosk™ and Mobile PopCart™ locations are popping up across the country in shopping malls, stadiums and other entertainment venues.  For more information about Doc Popcorn and available franchises, visit or call 866.599.9744.


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