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Early Education Centers and Music Schools in New York and Malaysia Are Latest to Utilize Color-Coded Approach

ColorSoundation at This Week???s National Association for the Education of Young Children Convention
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Updated: Nov 8, 2012
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Early Education Centers and Music Schools in New York and Malaysia Are Latest to Utilize Color-Coded Approach


ColorSoundation at This Week’s National Association for the Education of Young Children Convention


Los Angeles, CA – (November 8, 2012) –   The ColorSoundation teaching method has now been integrated into early education curriculum in both New York and Malaysia, the company announced today. The expansion marks the first time ColorSoundation is available outside of Southern California, where it was originated and has educated hundreds of students for the past decade.

The Kon Wah Day School in New York and the Pianoforte School of Music in Malaysia incorporated the ColorSoundation method earlier this fall.  The program, developed for children ages 3-8, uses color recognition, fun characters, an engaging story, movement, singing and technology to teach music literacy to children while developing their musical ear.

“I’m honored, thrilled and humbled that other music educators see the true and time-tested benefits of the ColorSoundation method,” said Shiho Yamamoto, who founded ColorSoundation over ten years ago. “It’s without a doubt that the color and cognitive-associated method allows students to learn and retain real music skills.”

ColorSoundation will be at booth #2224 during the annual National Association for the Education of Young Children conference in Atlanta, November 7-10, 2012.   The program, available to license, includes hands-on instruction from certified ColorSoundation educators, and assorted materials including lesson and rhythm books, Bright Waves bells, and more.  Utilizing a combination of traditional and digitally-enhanced teaching tactics, music education remains the focus, allowing children to learn while having a great time.

Through a medley of physical exercises, group activities, and individual assignments based on the association of colors, notes, and tones – known as the Bright Waves, ColorSoundation’s note-associated, colorful characters – the program teaches music literacy, rhythm comprehension, and absolute and relative pitch perception.  Students also learn critical listening and communication, as well as fine and gross motor skills.

The Bright Waves are the cast of harmonious, colorful characters who through a story introduce notes, music genres and locales.  Captain “C” note leads the group, sporting red; free spirit Dexter “D” note, touts yellow; brainy Edwin “E” note dresses in green; the adventurous Frances “F” note, wears orange; dependable and loyal Gordon “G” note, dresses in blue; the rocker Ace “A” note dons purple; and the angelic Bianca “B” note, is in white.

“We knew ColorSoundation was a great fit for our school,” said Shari Cai, Director of Kon Wah Day School. “Our students learn music through a multi-sensory approach, and ColorSoundation is an extension of this.  The program not only teaches music, but also helps young students develop problem solving skills, self-confidence, self-expression and self-esteem.”

“Colorsoundation is an amazing early childhood music program , designed not only to help children discover the fun of learning music through motivating materials and activities, it also makes teaching music fun,” said Ming Lim, Director if Pianoforte.

The method is the brainchild of Shiho Yamamoto, who first started playing violin at the age of three.  Classically trained through her formative years, Yamamoto continued her music studies and playing professionally with travelling orchestras for years.  The method has been taught at HORIPRO Music Academy, backed by Horipro Entertainment Group, one of the leading independent music publishers in the United States since 2005.  For years prior, Yamamoto adapted ColorSoundation techniques in private lessons.

ColorSoundation incorporates The Franklin Anybook™ Reader in its lesson and rhythm books, which use its optical recognition technology to bring the story to life through character voices, fun, music and musical tones.  The company also recently introduced Tap the Note, an app designed to introduce ColorSoundation basics to children.  It is available for free from the Apple App Store, exclusively for iOS.



Since 2002, the groundbreaking method ColorSoundation has employed color-coded exercises to help young children quickly develop essential music skills. Through participation in engaging group classes, ColorSoundation introduces children ages 3-8 to music literacy, pitch training and rhythm, while simultaneously developing both social and personal developmental skills.  The program has been offered in multiple early education centers in Southern California, as well as in facilities for children with special needs, demonstrating the value of musical education in cognitive development. ColorSoundation is the property of HoriPro Entertainment Group, trademarked and registered.


HoriPro Entertainment Group

Now in its 21st year as a leading independent music publisher in the United States, HoriPro Entertainment Group incorporated HORIPRO Music Academy, home of the ColorSoundation Method, in 2005. The music school strives to provide students of all ages and levels with the highest quality of music education and performance experience.


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