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'Flip or Flop Atlanta' Couple Hid Tribute to Their Son, a Childhood Cancer Survivor, in Each Home

'Flip or Flop Atlanta' Couple Hid Tribute to Their Son, a Childhood Cancer Survivor, in Each Home
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Updated: Feb 26, 2024
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Ken and Anita Corsini also founded Roc Star Kids to benefit children's cancer patients in the surrounding Atlanta area.

Ken and Anita Corsini are honoring their eight-year-old son, Rocco, in the sweetest way on the new season of Flip or Flop Atlanta.

In each of the homes that the couple flips during season two, which premieres Thursday night, they’ll display a pair of angel wings on reveal day as a small tribute to families who have experienced childhood cancer. Rocco was diagnosed with a cancerous Wilms tumor on his kidney at just 3 years old, but is now cancer free.

“We hung wings in each house,” Anita tells PEOPLE. “They’re different every time. They are there to honor the kids and the families who are connected to the childhood cancer community.”

They’ve also founded a charity in his honor called Roc Star Kids to benefit children’s cancer patients in the Atlanta area.

“It’s what we’re most passionate about,” Anita says.

The couple say they were “shocked” by their son’s diagnoses, writing on their website that they learned about his condition with “numb bodies.”

“Our little boy was sick,” they explained. “Very sick. We wanted to believe that this wasn’t happening to us—Not to our precious little boy.”

He went through “dozens of spinal taps, multiple IV chemotherapies, mouth sores, hair loss, weight loss and lots of lengthy stays at the hospital.”

“He overcame this beast,” they wrote. “He fought like a warrior and never gave up. His perseverance to push through the unbearable was inspiring. We are extremely proud of him, and thankful to God for his health and strength today.”

By displaying the angel wings in each of the houses they redo on the show, they hope to raise awareness for pediatric oncology, but also pay tribute to their son, who they say will have a few cute cameos during season 2, alongside his twin sister Kayla, and his older sister, Naomi.

“They participated in a couple of demo days with us and they loved that,” Ken tells PEOPLE. “They love being around the cameras and having the opportunity to be a part of all of it.”

Anita adds that their daughters “have such strong opinions” about design, with Naomi often helping lay out furniture and Kayla picking out bright paint colors, while Rocco just likes to be around the process and “find something to play with.”

Alongside their adorable family moments, the Corsinis say season 2 promises to be full of some awesome house flipping transformations and some really awful smells in the flop houses they buy.

“We’re excited to share this season with everyone because the transformation of these houses was incredible and we had a ball fixing them,” Anita says.

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