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Snip-its Helps Ignite National Awareness of Autism

National Children's Salon Chain Specializes in Working with Children with Autism
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Updated: Mar 29, 2013
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Snip-its Helps Ignite National Awareness of Autism

National Children's Salon Chain Specializes in Working with Children with Autism


Minneapolis, MN (March 29, 2013) – Snip-its (, one of the country's fastest-growing chains of children's hair salons, specializes in working with children with autism. The Snip-its Corporation, together with Autism Speaks, created a haircutting guide and educational DVD for stylists and parents of children with autism to help prepare the kids for the salon experience. All of Snip-its' stylists are trained to work with children with autism and other special needs. As part of National Autism Awareness Month in April, the franchise will join efforts around the country to help support families and children with autism and bring more awareness of this disorder into markets across the U.S.

In 2012, Jim George, CEO of The Snip-its Corporation, received an email from Melissa Hartwell in Grand Rapids, Mich., whose 10-year-old son is severe on the autism spectrum. She explained that a few years ago, her son was terrified of scissors and getting his hair-cut. In fact, the only way they could cut his hair was to get his teachers to trim it in the classroom while he was engaged in an activity. After discovering Snip-its, this changed. Mikey sat in the chair and was enamored with the Snip-its video that plays on TVs at each cutting station. For the first time ever, he got a haircut. And, now he asks to go there every day. 

'When you have a child with autism who has so much to overcome,' said Hartwell, 'the smallest things suddenly become getting a haircut.'

More of the Hartwell's story can be viewed here.

On World Autism Day (April 2), Snip-its salons will participate in Light It Up Blue, a worldwide awareness campaign designed by Autism Speaks, the leader in research development, awareness and advocacy for families and children on the spectrum. On this day, iconic landmarks around the world--including Niagara Falls, the Empire State Building, and the Sydney Opera House--will glow blue to show support in raising awareness for autism. Snip-its' salons across the U.S. will 'Light It Up Blue,' and remain blue for the entire month.  

First launched in 1995 by founder Joanna Meiseles, Snip-its has since been revolutionizing the hair care industry by creating a branded entertainment concept designed to untangle the hair-care challenges of children. With life-size characters, music and games, Snip-its has turned what was once a tedious chore into an amazing adventure, filled with fun, games, a whimsical cast of cartoon characters, and vibrant colors. Each cutting station includes a special chair for parents to sit close at hand, and an entertainment station featuring custom computer games and activities for the little ones. Upon completion of the haircut, children insert a lock of hair into the 'Snip-its Magic Box' for a prize. Salons also offer a 'baby's first haircut' package, birthday parties, spa services and retail*. Currently, Snip-its has more than 65 locations in 26 U.S. states.

'The Snip-its concept,' said George, 'is about creating an environment to meet all children's needs so they feel comfortable and leave the salon with the most positive experience possible.' 


About Snip-its

Snip-its, originally headquartered in Natick, Mass., was conceived by creator and founder Joanna Meiseles in 1995. In 2010, Snip-its relocated its headquarters to Eden Prairie, Minn., under the direction of President and CEO, James George, who has been involved in the franchise and hair salon industry for the past three decades. The five original Massachusetts locations have been joined by seven more locations for a total of 12 in Massachusetts and nearly 20 locations in New England. The chain has expanded nationally to approximately 65 salons in 26 states and continues to offer numerous franchise opportunities throughout the U.S. For more information about franchise opportunities, email Kim Ellis at For further information about Snip-its in general, visit the website at www.snipits.comor call toll-free 877-SNIP-ITS.

*varies by salon

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