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Social Secrets: FirstLight HomeCare

Devin Bevis is the manager of franchise services for FirstLight HomeCare, a company provides assistance to individuals who need daily living care.
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Updated: Jul 20, 2011
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Social Secrets: FirstLight HomeCare

Social media is constantly changing. Mastering it is just as much an art as a science. Learning from other small businesses and entrepreneurs can spark ideas for all of us.

Devin Bevis is the manager of franchise services for FirstLight HomeCare, a company provides assistance to individuals who need daily living care. He tells us his social media pet peeve and whether his
business could exist without social media.

What does your business do? FirstLight HomeCare provides the highest level of professional, non-medical services to seniors and others who need assistance with the activities of daily living, personal care, companion care and dementia care.

What’s better for promoting your business: Facebook or Twitter?
Both platforms are excellent communication tools that help us inform, educate and engage with our audience – especially the adult child looking for service to help their aging parents.

How many Tweets do you send a day?
We usually tweet around three to six times a day.

Who do you follow on Twitter?
We follow many people in home healthcare, franchising and technology fields.

What’s your social media pet peeve?
My biggest social media pet peeve is 'pushers.' And by that, I mean those who use social media to push a product or service too hard.

What’s the next big social media platform?
I think the next big wave is geo-targeting and location based social networking. Platforms such as Foursquare and Groupon.

Do you have a dedicated social media person?
We have a dedicated social media team that helps our staff utilize their social media accounts appropriately as well as our corporate accounts. We also have a program that can help our franchise owners with their social media efforts as well.

What company is doing social marketing best?
There are several that are doing a great job engaging with their audience, but one company that has always stood out from the crowd in their social communications has been

What hash tag are you sick of?
There are some strange hash tags out there. What I find most annoying is when someone overuses hash tags with every other word in their post to try to attract more search results. That gets old fast.

If you could create a new social media tool, what would it do?
Some sort of universal search tool would be nice where you could quickly and easily perform a search on specific conversations taking place across several social platforms in one place.

Best YouTube video ever?
As of late, the 'Ultimate Dog Tease' is one of my favorites.

Could your business exist without social media?
Our business would exist without social media, but would have a lower awareness with fewer people knowing that we exist.

You can find FirstLight HomeCare on
Facebook or follow them on Twitter @FirstLightCare.


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