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Specialized Janitorial Firm Uses Competitors Obstacles As Guide To Peaceful Success

Barry Bodiford, Founder & CEO of 360clean, is an entrepreneur who capitalized on the obstacles of his competitors to build a stronger business in the same industry
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Updated: Aug 7, 2011
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Specialized Janitorial Firm Uses Competitors Obstacles As Guide To Peaceful Success

August 7, 2011 - Barry Bodiford, Founder & CEO of 360clean, is an entrepreneur who capitalized on the obstacles of his competitors to build a stronger business in the same industry.

Barry Bodiford spent most of his career in pharmaceutical sales. Spending a lot of time in medical offices, Barry recognized the need for a more specialized approach to janitorial services in medical offices. “It was obvious that medical offices were being cleaned the same way the bank next door was being cleaned. That was and still is because your traditional janitorial service company does not think beyond dust and trash,” said Bodiford.

Bodiford saw this as an enormous opportunity for someone like him who wanted to start a business. He left his pharmaceutical job and founded 360clean, a specialized janitorial services firm, to grab his share of a $100 billion industry.

After operating for three years, he desired to really grow an empire and his way to get there was through franchising. Bodiford studied their Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD) carefully to determine how he could make room for another commercial cleaning franchise. “From day one my philosophy has been the world does not need another cleaning company and I realized quickly that neither is another typical janitorial franchise company needed. But at the same time, I realized there was an enormous amount of potential in the janitorial industry and franchising has proven to be an excellent model for expansion,” added Bodiford.

In 2007, 360clean began working on branding and systematically structuring their specialized approach to providing janitorial services to medical facilities. The plan was to implement the process in all commercial facilities. “Germs are everywhere. The same individuals who spread germs in medical offices are also visiting other commercial facilities throughout their day. Germs are being spread everywhere,” said Bodiford.

In 2008, the JaniMed System was introduced to all commercial facilities being serviced by 360clean. At the same time, 360clean had begun offering their franchise opportunity. The franchise opportunity was designed to be different from the other companies offering janitorial franchises. “The problem we saw and still see today is that the traditional janitorial franchise is all about how many contracts you will guarantee the franchisee. It all goes back to this model that they utilized for many years,” said Bodiford.

360clean does offer client contracts to their franchisees, but it is accomplished in a different format. All 360clean franchisees pay the same franchise fee, which allows 360clean to determine which franchisee assumes client contracts based on more important criteria. Additionally, 360clean recently implemented a new certification program for their franchisees. The certification program involves regional conferences, webinars, client retention measurements and quality assurance inspections. Certification is required annually in order for a 360clean franchisee to service medical clients.

“At 360clean, we spend more of our resources on remaining innovative in how we deliver our janitorial services and the continuous education of our franchise owners. This provides us more growth in contract market share which obviously attracts more Area Developers and Unit Franchisees. It’s obvious our competition has and continues to keep their focus on selling more franchises. 360clean will remain out of that box,” added Bodiford.

360clean is now located in eleven states and expects to be nationwide by the end of 2012. It appears there is a new saying as it relates to business: one company’s problems can be another company’s opportunity.

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360clean is a rapidly growing franchised commercial cleaning service based in Charleston, S.C. Through its expanding network of independently owned cleaning businesses, 360clean is establishing itself as one of the nation's most affordable business opportunities for eager entrepreneurs. Using a two-pronged approach to growth, including area development and single business franchises, 360clean is broadening its reach throughout the Southeast U.S. and beyond. 360clean was founded by Barry Bodiford, who is now its CEO. For more information about the company, visit

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