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Sundek Welcomes New Dealers into the Sundek Nation Family

Sundek Products, an international leader in custom decorative concrete repair and restoration systems, has announced the addition of two new dealers to the companys growing Sundek Nation family.
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Updated: Nov 1, 2016
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Sundek, one of the world’s leading providers of decorative concrete systems for residential and commercial needs, has today announced the addition of two new dealers to the company’s growing family.

“We’re always looking for new dealers to join our family and help connect home and business owners with the innovative, quality products necessary to meet their needs,” said Joe Primavera of the company. “Today, we’re proud to announce two new members of our Sundek Nation family.”

The two new additions are Environmental Paving Solutions, LLC out of Syracuse, New York, and SurfaceScapes, operating in Memphis, Tennessee.

Information for both companies can be found below:

Environmental Paving Solutions, LLC
204 North Beach Street
Syracuse, NY 13203
Phone: (315) 472-6902
Fax: (315) 472-1822

  •     Jim Ross, President


  •     Anthony Ross, Sales Manager


  •     Mike Ross, Operations Manager


2095 Exeter Suite 80-190
Memphis TN 38138-3919
Phone: (901) 888-5000

  •     Gene White, President


  •     David Moore, Finance/Operations


  •     David Wilkes, Secretary/Treasurer


  •     Brian White, Web/Digital Director


Sundek offers a number of benefits to its dealers. The company has a long history of working hand-in-hand with dealers to improve innovation, transparency and collaboration, and has instituted a number of programs to foster stronger, longer-lasting relationships.

These include the Sundek Model Dealer Program™.
Another advantage is the ability to purchase Sundek products at lower prices thanks to bulk buying capabilities. This allows dealers to offer the highest quality products for a lower price.

“We’re proud of our growth, but that’s not really the goal,” added Primavera “Our goal is to create a family, a network of like minded businesses that strive to deliver on quality, timeliness and professionalism every time.”

To learn more about Sundek or to apply for membership as a dealer, visit
About Sundek: Sundek was founded by in 1970 when the company’s core technology was reformulated into a coating process that could be applied to existing concrete. Since then, the firm has grown considerably, and today is an international leader in the concrete industry.

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