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theCoderSchool Encourages Kid Coders to Compete in the Congressional App Challenge

Silicon Valley-headquartered childrens coding school sponsors national coding challenge
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Updated: Oct 29, 2021
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theCoderSchool Encourages Kid Coders to Compete in the Congressional App Challenge
Silicon Valley-headquartered children’s coding school sponsors national coding challenge


Palo Alto, Calif. – theCoderSchool – whose motto is “Learn to code. Change the world.” – is encouraging kid coders to sign up and compete in the 2021 Annual Congressional App Challenge, a competition ran by members of the U.S. House of Representatives for middle school and high school students to create and submit their original app designs.

The Congressional App Challenge encourages students to learn to code and is on a mission to inspire, include and innovate efforts around STEM, coding and computer science education. Each challenge is district-specific and allows kids to compete in teams of up to four using any coding platform. The deadline for submissions is November 1st and winners will be announced in December. The winners will receive a variety of different prizes including a chance for their app to be displayed in the U.S. Capitol Building and featured on the House of Representatives’ website, 

TheCoderSchool is a sponsor of the Congressional App Challenge because it believes the competition is the perfect opportunity for kids to show off their coding skills. Both theCoderSchool and the Congressional App Challenge align closely in their goals of encouraging children to use their coding skills and creativity to build their own custom apps. They both also believe coding is an essential skill for children to learn because the tech industry is projected to grow substantially in their lifetime.

By providing customized, semi-private coding classes, theCoderSchool is the perfect tool to help kids get ready for the Congressional App Challenge. Each class provides students with expert guidance to help them code apps that are customized based on each student’s interest and skill level. By encouraging their students to enter the challenge, theCoderSchool hopes to show them what they are capable of and potentially be recognized for their hard work on a national level.

“The Congressional App Challenge is a fantastic way for kids to show what they’ve learned through their lessons at theCoderSchool,” said founder Hansel Lynn. “We’re excited to see their coding skills and what unique apps they come up with. We encourage all kids to enter, even if they are just beginning to code.” 

 Founded by Lynn and incubated with the help of his best friend, Wayne Teng, theCoderSchool was built with the desire to provide children aged 7 to 18 years with a welcoming environment to develop computer programming skills. theCoderSchool uses a variety of platforms to teach various coding languages, such as HTML, CSS, Python, Javascript and more. Every Code Coaching lesson is customized with the help of trained Code Coaches® who use a 2-on-1 approach to teaching.

“Coding is such a key skill for children to learn,” said Lynn. “With technology advancing at an exponential rate, having exceptional technical proficiency will prepare children for the future. At theCoderSchool, we want all of our students to excel and be ready to take on any coding challenge that comes their way.”


About theCoderSchool
Founded in 2014 and franchising since 2016, theCoderSchool, a Silicon Valley-based children’s enterprise franchise, provides computer programming lessons to children ages 7 to 18. Identified as one of Entrepreneur magazine’s hottest brands, theCoderSchool has over 50 schools operating in over 15 states and continues to expand its national footprint with several locations in development in major U.S. and Canadian markets. For more information, visit

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