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Franchise Information for Signal 88 Security

Signal 88 Security is the #1 security franchise specializing in physical security and mobile patrols. Weve achieved this success through local ownership, industry-leading technology platform, and a strong national brand.

Signal 88 Security

Signal 88 Security is the #1 security franchise specializing in physical security and mobile patrols. Weve achieved this success through local ownership, industry-leading technology platform, and a strong national brand.

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Franchise Costs

  • Cash Investment: $40,000
  • Investment Range: $45,000 - $100,000
  • Franchise Fees: $50,000

Franchise Benefits

  • Training & Support: Yes
  • Financing Available: Yes

Industry Information

  • Industry: Business Services Franchises
  • Franchise Units: 400

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Ready for a New Beginning?

You’ve served your country, and now it’s time for a new beginning. Providing for yourself and your family while serving to protect your community is a logical next step for those who have high levels of commitment, passion and dedication. Where do you go from here? Do you want a job or do you want to be your own boss and lead your own team?

As you transition from your military career, your next career opportunity could be as a Signal 88 Security franchise owner. We invite ex military veterans from all armed forces to find out more about how a Signal 88 Security franchise could be the best next step for ex Navy, ex Army, ex Marines, and other veterans seeking the right opportunity for this next stage in life. We offer a 10% veterans discount on the franchise fee.

Why Signal 88?

A Signal 88 Security franchise offers the opportunity to protect and serve those in your community after your military service is done. We’ve found that many ex military veterans know the meaning of service in their hearts, and it makes all the difference. Over 75% of Signal 88 Owners come from military or law enforcement backgrounds, so you can be confident that our network is committed and that our model will work for you. By bringing the desire to protect and better your community to a new career, you have the opportunity to channel your skills and experience to benefit those around you. At Signal 88, our goal is to provide peace of mind to pursue passion in life.

Qualities of a Hero

Retired military veterans know what it takes to do the job. You may not call yourself a hero, but your family and community can benefit from your commitment and passion as you to continue to serve closer to home in your next job. Many ex military members have attained success and satisfaction in delivering on this commitment as Signal 88 Security franchisees. Our retired military franchisees know what it’s like to serve and protect those around them and have brought these skills to their own communities across the U.S.

Franchise Support

Our franchisees know that the Signal 88 Security Franchise Group always has their back. By following our system to run, build, and grow their business, our franchisees find that they’re never on their own.  Signal 88 Security franchisees benefit from having us behind them every step of the way.  We support you with:

  • National Accounts 
  • Payroll
  • Billing
  • Collections
  • Compliance
  • Technology platform
  • Business coaches
  • Lead generation
  • Training
  • Marketing
  • Annual convention
  • And much more!


Next Steps

As the initial step toward a new post-military career possibility, we invite you to request additional information about how retired and ex military veterans can make the most of this exciting time in your life. We recognize that your veteran job search can take many possible directions, so we thank you for considering how we can help you make the life you want back here at home.

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