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The Joint Chiropractic Franchise is an excellent opportunity for both business investors and chiropractors seeking to own their own business

The Joint

The Joint Chiropractic Franchise is an excellent opportunity for both business investors and chiropractors seeking to own their own business

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Franchise Costs

  • Cash Investment: $100,000
  • Investment Range: $110,125 - $167,825
  • Franchise Fees: $29,000

Franchise Benefits

  • Training & Support: Yes
  • Financing Available: Yes

Industry Information

  • Industry: Chiropractic Franchises
  • Franchise Units: 132

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The Joint Logo

The Joint Chiropractic Franchise is an excellent opportunity for both business investors and chiropractors seeking to own their own business.We have a proven concept that reinforces the benefits of ongoing chiropractic care to improve quality of life. We're certain you have many questions, so we've done our best to provide the most frequently sought after information here. Once you have reviewed the information provided, and believe The Joint concept is a good fit for you, simply complete our franchise application, and a member of our Franchise Sales team will soon be in touch with you to discuss your candidacy.

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Our mission is to improve quality of life through affordable chiropractic care.

Whether you're an entrepenur, business investor, associate looking to open your own practice, a successful existing practice owner looking to simplify your practice, or a new start-up right out of chiropractic school, The Joint offers the opportunity to start, grow, and profit from your chiropractic business using a proven and highly successful business model.

The Joint is not a back ache/stiff neck, pain clinic or car accident relief center, nor are we personal trainers or stretching coaches. At The Joint, we are Chiropractors first, and The Joint is a lifetime family wellness chiropractic place. We offer Chiropractors an opportunity simply not available elsewhere-the ability to enjoy a thriving practice built on the premise that healing is your first priority, because our structure and support provides the rest.

Our concept is backed by an experienced franchise support team, dedicated to your success and the proper care of our patients. We believe The Joint franchise model concept has more to offer than what can be found in the chiropractic profession traditionally, because our concept is built on a successful, proven membership model. Our Chiropractors believe our approach is sound, and both owners and patients agree that what makes The Joint most appealing to owners, chiropractors and clients alike are the basic tenants of our brand:

  • No appointments necessary
  • No start-up fees
  • No gimmicks

Oh, and best yet-no insurance forms to fill out.

When you become part of The Joint family, you'll receive ongoing support right from the very beginning. From site selection and planning, to providing quality patient care, you'll reap all the benefits of our training, service development, advertising and so much more.

The Joint franchise program was created to enable Chiropractors to focus on healing and improving patient wellness, within a concept that will redefine methods of traditional chiropractic practice management. If you are a Chiropractor with a passion for healing and providing quality alternative healthcare, The Joint is a business opportunity for you.

Top Reasons to Choose The Joint Franchise

  • Franchised businesses are four times more likely to succeed than non-franchised businesses.
  • One third of all Chiropractors fail in their own practice.
  • Sustainable Membership Model
  • Efficient, Low-Overhead Practice
  • Hip, Comforting Design
  • A Sensible Marketing Approach
  • Innovative Practice Management Technology
The joint Interior

"The Joint franchise is a great opportunity! The future of chiropractic care made simple and convenient. Simply put, the best decision I have made in my career."
-Jeremy J. Casagrande, D.C.

The Joint Boulder, CO

A Successful Partnership

The Joint franchise network is led by John Leonesio, former CEO and Founder of Massage Envy, and a pioneer of membership-based wellness franchise services. If you're a Chiropractor eager to own your own thriving practice, a successful partnership awaits you at The Joint.

Sustainable Membership Model

Affordable, quality chiropractic care is now available at The Joint, and our membership program model increases ongoing patient visits that build both a healthy practice and a healthy clientele. More affordable than most co-pays, The Joint's membership proposition makes it as appealing to its patients as the removal of insurance claims paperwork is to its Chiropractors.

Efficient, Low-Overhead Practice

With turn-key systems in place, managing your practice becomes secondary to what we find Chiropractors desire most-providing healing and focusing on patient care. Streamlining costs at every level of the business, The Joint delivers time- and cost-efficient ways to build your bottom line and lower your overhead.

Hip, Comforting Design

While all The Joint locations are run by some of the best Chiropractors in the industry, make no mistake-The Joint locations don't have that "doctor's office feel". Still professional and befitting of a quality chiropractic facility, a hip, comforting interior design attracts people to its soothing atmosphere with a decidedly modern edge. Our facilities are as inviting as they are unique-and certainly cost-friendly for our franchise owners.

A Sensible Marketing Approach

Meaningful marketing programs that attract new patients and encourage patient referral business, are the core marketing support elements provided by The Joint. Our marketing initiatives promote and reward ongoing usage behaviors through various media including PR, print advertising, direct mail, Internet marketing, e-mail, social media, TV, radio, professional and member referral, and local clinic marketing.

Innovative Practice Management Technology

The Joint's custom-designed practice management software helps our Chiropractors orchestrate all aspects of clinic business and provides comprehensive financial management and reporting. Ongoing technology and operational support ensures the system's success as a strong clinic management tool.

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