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Cannabis Franchises

The cannabis industry evolves more and more each day, and opportunities to capitalize on its growing popularity are endless. Are you interested in getting involved in the up-and-coming cannabis industry, but are not sure how? Consider starting a cannabis franchise to become a successful entrepreneur in the exciting new industry of cannabis production and sales.

Found 10 franchises

Discover CBD

Discover CBD has spent years in the cannabis industry, and its recent focus has been in building, managing and perfecting the Discover CBD business model and operating structure to provide a one-stop ...
90k Min. Cash Required

CLOVR Life Spa

CLOVR is built on a singular, core idea: that spa-going ought to be an inviting but casual experience. The day-spa industry treats wellness like healthcare. It calls experts, practitioners and therapi ...
150k Min. Cash Required

Passive CBD Vending

Passive CBD Vending has identified a very powerful entry point in this emerging market that allows you to quickly leverage incredible income potential. Are You Looking For The Opportunity To Create St ...
50k Min. Cash Required

Get Me Some Green CBD Apotecary and Wellness Franchise

Everything we do is based on our belief that people have the right to be healthy. We believe wellness is more than physical and does not start with a prescription. We challenge the wellness status quo ...
75k Min. Cash Required

Purely CBD

Why PURELY CBD? Do you want to be a part of the rapidly growing CBD industry, but want to be sure you join the right team? Look no further. We are growing extremely fast for good reason. Once you beco ...
50k Min. Cash Required

Unity Rd., a Cannabis Dispensary Franchise

Entering the cannabis industry is easier than you think. Pioneer cannabis franchisor, Unity Rd. offers franchise partners its deep network of seasoned experts, trusted resources, turnkey blueprint and ...
1000k Min. Cash Required

Healthy Within Wellness Center

Healthy Within provides a non-medicated, non-invasive integrative approach to healthy brain function utilizing Neurofeedback. A Franchise Business Opportunity for Entrepreneurs, Investors, and Healthc ...
50k Min. Cash Required

Cannabis Life

Cannabis Life is proud to offer retailers opportunities to sell some of the highest quality Delta-8, Delta-9, and HHC products on the market.
100k Min. Cash Required

Peace Pipes Smoke Shop and Cannabis

Peace Pipes Smoke Supplies combines traditional Smoke Shops with the newly established Cannabis Dispensary industry.
75k Min. Cash Required

The Smoky Grass Station

Experience the freedom of owning your own cannabis store with The Smoky Grass Station.
70k Min. Cash Required
Found 10 franchises

Additional Information

Are you interested in being your own boss and owning a cannabis franchise? You’re in luck - At Franchise Clique, we have a list of several existing cannabis franchises that you can choose from. One study shows that the cannabis industry in the U.S. saw an increase of $10.3 billion from 2018 to 2019. And many experts say it’s only going to keep growing. So why not get ahead of the game? The cannabis industry already has a massive market, and existing businesses are struggling to keep up and fully supply the demand. Make a part of this market your own by starting your own cannabis franchise today. There are several different ways to get involved in this market. The cannabis plant produces a number of legal and profitable products. One of these, CBD, is one of the trendiest health crazes. Studies suggest that this cannabis compound may help reduce anxiety, manage symptoms of neurological disorders such as epilepsy, and more. Another byproduct of the cannabis plant is hemp. Hemp can be used for nearly everything under the sun: hemp can make clothing, cosmetic products, rope, shoes, and even some foods, such as hemp tree milk and hemp hearts. The possibilities are endless! With all the different avenues to explore, becoming a part of the cannabis industry by starting your own cannabis franchise might just be the best entrepreneurial decision you ever make. Here are some important points of information to research before you decide on which Cannabis franchise is best for your situation. 1. Check out all the other franchise locations and other types of Cannabis franchise market competition in your area. 2. Research each Cannabis franchise and list the services they offer and specialize in to determine the best fit for you. 3. Review each Cannabis franchise and make a chart that includes franchise fees, startup cost, cash investment, etc. 4. Call and talk with current franchise owners and get their opinion on the pros and cons of the different franchise options. At Franchise Clique, we are proud to present a variety of Cannabis franchise opportunities in our listings. Find your next investment today!

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