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Shoe Store Franchises

Are you looking for a business opportunity that is both flexible and versatile? Shoe store franchises will give you this as you can be located in a wide range of locations. Additionally, you can also deal with different store types in this industry offering entrepreneurs a wide range of potential.

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Strawberry Intimates Spa

Welcome to the world of Strawberry Dreams Spa International. A Parisian Boutique Parlor. An amazing business opportunity that provides you with ways to succeed in the the world of Spa, Beauty, and Lu ...
19k Min. Cash Required

Foot Solutions

Work for yourself, but not by yourself Since our founding in 2000, Foot Solutions has supported entrepreneurs who want to invest in a proven brand and control their own destiny. Economically, the Foot ...
130k Min. Cash Required

Golf Etc.

Golf Etc. is a dynamic golf business that is centered around a proven full service retail concept combining a pro-shop environment with an equipment servicing and proprietary club fitting system.
50k Min. Cash Required

Bellies to Babies

At Bellies to Babies, our franchise stores buy and sell thousands of previously loved maternity items every month, creating a positive impact on the community and a successful business model for our s ...
60k Min. Cash Required

Scout & Molly's

Start a One Price Store With $10 Clothing Stores! One of the Hottest Retail Concepts
250k Min. Cash Required

Adam & Eve Stores

Nationally recognized, the Adam & Eve brand is respected for bringing a new level of class and acceptance to its industry.
100k Min. Cash Required

Flip Flop Shops

Founded in 2004, Flip Flop Shops is the authentic retail chain exclusively devoted to the hottest brands and latest styles of flip flops and casual footwear
100k Min. Cash Required

Pinch A Penny Pools

Since opening its first store in 1975, Pinch A Penny has become the largest franchised retail pool, patio and spa company. Pinch A Penny's direction is quite simple. We strive to be unrivaled in provi ...
249k Min. Cash Required


Stop ignoring the 55+ market! Change lives and own a successful business with the most trusted name in hearing care.
90k Min. Cash Required

PayMore Stores

PayMore Stores is a fast-growing local brick and mortar electronics franchise opportunity in a unique industry that combines e-commerce with electronics sales and trade-in.
250k Min. Cash Required
Found 10 franchises

Additional Information

You can set up a footwear franchise in either small towns or large cities. Some of the high traffic areas that you should take advantage of include the strip shopping centers and malls. Another convenient place to sell shoes is at a street-front location. Here you can target vacationers, tourists, and pedestrians. Globally, the footwear market is an industry worth multi-billion U.S dollars. By the year 2017, the United States had dominated the global footwear market. Being the largest shoe market globally, the U.S accounted for $79.86 billion in revenue in 2017. While shoes are a necessity for everyone, most of the customers shop for style post-recession and fun. This shopping behavior has accelerated the revenue figure up to $72.4 billion in 2018 so far and the holidays are just about to kick in. There is a prediction that year over year the shoe industry will grow at a rate of 2.3 percent from the year 2014 through 2019 in the U.S. If this happens, the industry will reach $35.9 billion even before the decade is over. The greatest growth so far for the last two years, has been witnessed in the basketball shoe niche, with 21 percent. The second niche is the men’s footwear market with 8 percent. The men’s shoe market growth is double that of the female footwear market within the same duration of time. In the current market situation, the athletic footwear sector growth is predicted to outdo all the other sectors in the near future. For some people, shoe buying is a fetish or an obsession. This is the major reason why huge shoe companies like Barefeet Shoes are dominating shopping districts and suburbs all over America. However, entrepreneurs aspiring to start their small shoe ventures should not be intimidated by the giants. All they need to do in order to thrive is to remain updated about the latest fashion trends and styles. Developing a shoe business is not always as simple as selling amazing shoe pairs. You need a deeper understanding of fashion industry dynamics and how to operate. Moreover, you need to have a strategic marketing plan to ensure brand awareness and survival. The footwear market is a fraction of the clothing and apparel industry. It deals with luxury footwear, shoes, sporting shoes, sneakers, and athletic wear among other things. Products in the footwear market feature materials like textiles, synthetics, and leather. Prior to opening a shoe store, you should know which niche you are interested in. You can choose to deal with one particular niche like sports shoes or you can sell various shoe types. Additionally, you should also consider engaging in the shoe and boots repair niche as this is one of the most profitable niches in the industry. For example, cow boots have a very high replacement value that owners would prefer to repair them instead. Additionally, owners have a personal connection with their shoes and they would rather repair them than throw them away. There are also brands of premium manufacturers which are common repair targets including Allen Edmonds, Birkenstock, and Rockport. Here are some important points of information to research before you decide on which Shoe Store franchise is best for your situation. 1. Check out all the other franchise locations and other types of Shoe Shop franchise market competition in your area. 2. Research each Shoe Shop franchise and list the services they offer and specialize in to determine the best fit for you. 3. Review each Shoe Store franchise and make a chart that includes franchise fees, startup cost, cash investment, etc. 4. Call and talk with current franchise owners and get their opinion on the pros and cons of the different franchise options. At Franchise Clique, we are proud to present a variety of Shoe Store franchise opportunities in our listings. Find your next investment today!

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