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Collection Agency Franchises

Sometimes, bills don?t get paid. For a business, uncollected debts are a major problem, and they can lead to significant financial distress if they are not resolved. With that said, many businesses don?t have the time or ability to chase down payment on their unpaid invoices. To fill that gap, collection agency franchises offer businesses a hands-off way to recover these missing funds. If you are considering opening your own debt collection franchise, review the listings below and see if any of these options are a good fit.

Found 16 franchises

Credit Repair USA

Join The Hottest Business Opportunity On the Market Today!! Not Only Are We The Most Tech Driven Credit Repair Company, But We Have Partnered With United Financial Freedom and Credit Card Brokers To B ...
4k Min. Cash Required

Guidant Financial 403(b)-401k Franchise Financing

Guidant Financial is NOT a franchise opportunity. Guidant can provide you with a unique financing option for your new franchise.
35k Min. Cash Required

Venture X

Revolutionarily Designed Private Membership Office Space, Workspace and Meeting Rooms for Today's Innovative Professionals and Entrepreneurs
683k Min. Cash Required

Liquid Capital

Liquid Capital Corp. has created an international network of Franchise Owners who provide their business clients with specialized financial services.
100k Min. Cash Required

UGRU Financial Coaching

Financial Coaching is Exploding! Are you positioned to benefit? Coaching is the second fastest growing industry in the world. And, Financial Coaching is the newest sector!
1k Min. Cash Required


GoLocal is an innovative marketing firm that helps small and midsize businesses reach their marketing capabilities through an effective text message marketing campaign.
26k Min. Cash Required

Schooley Mitchell Telecom Consultants

Schooley Mitchell is the largest independent telecom and merchant services consulting company in North America. Our network of Franchised consulting offices across the continent serves as the outsourc ...
56k Min. Cash Required

Charter Financial

We teach you how to find privately held notes such as owner financed mortgages, court settlements, lottery winnings, business notes and other income streams. You bring these deals to us - We purchase ...
195 Min. Cash Required

Jackson Hewitt Tax Service

Jackson Hewitt is a full-service, year-round national tax service specializing in computerized federal and state preparation of individual returns. It began franchising in 1986, the same year that the ...
44k Min. Cash Required

Income Store Business

Income Store, part of Today's Growth Consultant, a 5-Time Inc.500/5000 honoree, is in there 26th year in business. Income Store builds and buys revenue generating websites.
100k Min. Cash Required

Benetrends 401K IRA Rollover Plans

Benetrends offers a safe, secure and proven approach to access your 401(k)/IRA or other type of retirement plan to purchase a franchise without incurring taxes, penalties or unnecessary debt.
50k Min. Cash Required

Background Screeners of America

Put your computer and the Internet to work 24/7, 365 days a year: Become a Background Screening Consultant, working with businesses, organizations and individuals in this unique Internet-based enterpr ...
19k Min. Cash Required

Expense Reduction Analysts

For 20+ years our franchise opportunity appeals to professionals, who want to engage with executive-level decision makers, build professional relationships and generate meaningful cost-savings results ...
59k Min. Cash Required

ATAX Accounting and Financial Services

ATAX Accounting and Financial Services offers personal tax preparation, business tax prep, bookkeeping, payroll, incorporation and business startup. They also offer a training course to help franchise ...
40k Min. Cash Required

Loyalty Business Services

Loyalty Business Services (LBS) provides much-needed services to small businesses that are usually reserved for larger companies like small business-focused accounting and tax services.
65k Min. Cash Required

Veronica's Insurance Franchise

Veronica's Insurance has auto, life, home, business, motorcycle, renters and boat insurance. They offer you the lowest prices according to your needs. Their team is willing to provide you with the bes ...
50k Min. Cash Required
Found 16 franchises

Additional Information

The business model for collection agency franchises is really very simple. The collection agency works with a variety of businesses in order to collect old debt. Each business has given the agency permission to collect on their behalf, and the agency will receive a percentage of the money collected. For many businesses, this service is extremely valuable and well worth the percentage paid to the agency.

Not for the Timid

It needs to be said that collecting debts can be tough work. Quite obviously, there is a reason most people haven?t paid their bills, and they aren?t going to be thrilled about getting calls on those debts. Whether they just don?t have the money, or they are protesting the bill in some way, a successful business in this niche is willing to work around the hurdles in order to receive payments as soon as possible. As this is a people business first and foremost, having the right people in place to take a firm but understanding approach to collections will go a long way.

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