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Sub Sandwich Deli Wraps Franchises

When it comes to restaurant franchises, the sub sandwich is probably among the best-known categories. This may be at least in part because a certain household name among sub franchises a few years ago sailed past a certain household name among QSR burger franchises to claim the title of most units worldwide. Compared to standard QSR fare, especially in the burger segment, subs are perceived (even if not always fairly) as healthier by many consumers and definitely offer greater menu variety. Explore our listings of some of the best sub sandwich franchise opportunities, and learn more below.

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Do you want a fast casual concept that can offer high volumes in small spaces? Are you drawn to brands that meet consumers' growing demands for healthier, better tasting, fresher food? Look no further ...
50k Min. Cash Required

Moe's Southwest Grill

Moes is known for its appreciation of classic rock, cool-without-trying-too-hard personality, and of course, the best burritos this side of the border.
50k Min. Cash Required

Manny's Neighborhood Grill

The Mannys Neighborhood Grill franchise concept lets you carve out many tempting slices of the dining out pie.
150k Min. Cash Required

Extreme Pita

Since the beginning, Extreme Pita has been one of the most unique and rewarding food franchises in North America.
160k Min. Cash Required

Mucho Burrito

Since the beginning, Extreme Pita has been one of the most unique and rewarding food franchises in North America.
282k Min. Cash Required

Cheeburger Cheeburger Restaurants

Cheeburger Cheeburger Express is a totally unique concept in the restaurant industry. Because it takes famous Cheeburger quality, freshness, choice and fun and brings it to venues where speed of servi ...
215k Min. Cash Required

Great Steak Sandwich

The Great Steak brand was founded in order to introduce the rest of the world to the delectable sandwich synonymous with Philadelphia - the cheesesteak. Bring this great American tradition to your nei ...
101k Min. Cash Required

Samurai Sam's Teriyaki Grill

Samurai Sams is a highly respected brand in the quick-service restaurant category and is recognized for its excellence within the food industry.
110k Min. Cash Required

Godfather's Pizza

Godfathers Pizza makes pizza the way it was meant to be with an incredible crust, delicious veggies, hearty meats and mounds of 100 percent real cheese. Its absolutely irresistible.
449k Min. Cash Required

Pizza 9

The Pizza 9 Franchise opportunity provides you with the solid system of operations, experience and support you need to enter the fastest growing sector of the restaurant business quickly and efficien ...
64k Min. Cash Required

Samuel Mancino's Italian Eatery

The Samuel Mancino's name is well-known throughout communities as a reliable source of quality and value, particularly noted by our famous oven-baked grinders and a welcoming environment that combine ...
150k Min. Cash Required

Mr. Pita

Mr. Pita is the fresh, fun alternative to burger, fries and pizza franchises. One of the strongest trends in the food industry today is the shift towards "fresh and healthy" dining. Mr. Pita is a busi ...
75k Min. Cash Required

My Pie: Pizza Your Way

A fast casual pizza experience like no other! Custom build your own NY pizza in 2 minutes! The partnership with Kurt Warner helps support his charity, The Treasure House, by donating 10% of all retai ...
184k Min. Cash Required

Lennys Subs

Guests love Lenny's! And our tagline says it all - More Food. More Taste. More Personality! Awards The Lenny's concept is simple - take a wholesome environment and add employees with great personaliti ...
195k Min. Cash Required

Carl's Jr. Restaurants

When you become a Carl's Jr. franchisee, you're teaming up with one of the largest, most experienced restaurant companies around. CKE Restaurants Holdings has a coast-to-coast presence with more than ...
300k Min. Cash Required

The Middle Spoon Dessertie & Bar

The Middle Spoon serves high end desserts and craft cocktails in a beautiful space filled with comfy chairs and top quality products throughout all delivered with service that is second to none, the e ...
110k Min. Cash Required

Philly Pretzel Factory

Home of the Real Soft Pretzel Philly Pretzel Factory is the worlds largest Philly-style pretzel bakery, with well over 100 franchised locations and growing.
150k Min. Cash Required

Beerhead Bar

Fun Is Always On Tap... for Guests and Franchise Owners
595k Min. Cash Required

Chock Full O Nuts Cafe

Finest blends of 100% Arabica Coffee. 80 years in business, 3 superb concepts, comprehensive training, exceptional ongoing support, Lowest Franchise Fees in the Coffee sector! No required ongoing adve ...
272k Min. Cash Required

Noble Roman's Take N' Bake Pizza

Noble Romans is helping change the way America eats pizza! The Noble Romans take-n-bake Pizza franchise opportunity provides a winning combination: A fantastic product, simple operations and a wide op ...
80k Min. Cash Required
Found 90 franchises

Additional Information

The basic cold sub sandwich was the name of the game in this segment for many years. Naturally, competition prompts evolution, and new brands started looking for ways to get an edge against the reigning cold sub behemoths. One option was the hot sub, which over the long term some brands executed better than others. There are different ways of preparing hot sandwiches. While large (and expensive) conveyor ovens are one method, there are simpler, cheaper, and just as effective options available, such as steamers and small ovens. Case in point: one established sub sandwich franchise brand reacted to the hot sandwich threat by introducing a simple heating option for its existing sandwiches, as well as new products created specifically to be hot subs. Another path was the deli wrap, introduced at the height of the carbs-are-evil-and-I-will-eat-only-protein diet craze when consumers were dodging bread as if it were toxic. It?s possible to find franchises dedicated to wraps, but practically speaking, it makes much more sense to adopt existing sandwiches to a wrap format, which is what most brands have done.

Decisions, Decisions

The lesson here is that sub shop franchises are crowded with plenty of brands with products that can be challenging to differentiate in the minds of consumers. A few have unit counts in the thousands. Plenty have counts between 200 and 400, and there is no shortage of smaller up-and-comers. Some brands have tried to stand out with less than stellar success, so picking the right one can be a challenge. In addition, at this time the segment is going through some difficult times in terms of market share. So, while no one predicts the sub sandwich will go the way of the dinosaur, not every one of them will make it over the long haul. Lots of choices and a challenging marketplace: picking the best sub sandwich franchise opportunity sounds like a job tailor-made for Franchise Clique. Find your next investment with our resources today!

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